For all those times a poster made you say "I'd buy you a beer for that..."

…now you can make good on it.


Too cool! :cool:

Hopefully some bars in PA will sign up.

Since the domain says “drink” and not “beer,” I imagine you can choose from whatever’s on the menu. Or it might work like a credit system. Either way you’d probably covered – as long as you’re in their current coverage area. :slight_smile:

Buy your friend a Guinness. Brilliant!

A long time ago, I was told by Ivylass that she’d buy me a beer for recounting in detail an episode of the West Wing which she’d missed. I had long forgot about this promise, when lo and behold, I actually found myself breaking bread with said winsome lass (and several other Dopers) in Winter Park the weekend before this. She reminded me and did, indeed, buy me a beer, although she certainly was under no obligation to actually do so.

Let it be known that Ivylass is a stand up lady and overall great person.

I’ll have to buy her a beer some time…