Do guys enjoy paying for drinks?

Answering Wesly’s poll about alcohol consumption, I realized I rarely pay for my own drinks. I usually go out with a group of guys and gals and invariably a guy will offer to pay for refills. I always offer but I don’t want to argue with hospitality. I’ve noticed the gay guys I hang out with don’t tend to automatically grab the refills as often. And lest y’all think I’m naive, the guys I hang out with aren’t really hitting on me and a lot of them are happily married anyway.

So guys, do you enjoy paying for drinks? Or is it something you feel obligated to do as a guy? Atfer I’ve made the initial offer, should I argue more for my chance to pay?

Something I feel obligated to do.

I buy drinks for my friends, male or female. Not a lot, as I am on a college budget, but when I can afford it. It’s a social thing, like sharing your smokes.

I buy my girlfriend’s drinks, of course. Sometimes I’ll even pick up one or two for her friends.

Rarely do I buy drinks for anyone I don’t know. Never made sense to me to buy a girl drinks for unlikely results (cynical as I am). I’d rather grab myself another brewskie. :slight_smile:

No, i dislike it alot. If its a friend then yes its ok, especially if they are currently having money problems and I am not. But no, i really dislike the idea of buying a woman drinks because she is a woman.

Besides, that would quadruple my monthly alcohol budget in one night. But if its a friend (male or female) and they paid the last time or they are having money problems or they have done something for me like helped me move then yeah i’ll feel obliged to pay.

This seems to be a night for threads that touch on other threads. There’ve been a couple about credit card usage, and part of my elsewhere mentioned cc debt came from buying drinks for the bar. Not a great financial move, but it will get you some conversation in a bar where you’re a stranger.

Frankly, I’ve got beer on the mind right now. I’m going out with some folks after work tonight to collectively say goodbye to the summer interns (of which I am one). TV news has a way of making one look forward to a pint.

You are supposed to buy drinks. Guys buy rounds of drinks and you are expected to take your turn too, even if you have to “argue with hospitality.”


Yeah, see this is what I’m afraid of. (BTW, sorry about misspelling your name, the E-ky on this keyboard sticks) I do offer and occasionally I can sneak up to the bar and snag a round but when the waitress comes over, a guy always steps up to pay. And it seems like some of the guys kinda like buying the girls a round even if they don’t expect to get anything for it. Hmmm…

I may not enjoy doing it, but it is a price to pay when dealing with the fairer sex.

No, but they do enjoy the anticipated results (making an impression, getting laid) of doing so.

Slight hijack:

I have a wild-ass theory about people who buy drinks. This isn’t gender-related, but more drunkeness-related. If there are five people in a group, there will be one person who is willing to buy a round when he is totally sober. Once that round is consumed, one person will be buzzed enough to offer up his generosity and buy a round.

This happened to me, and by the time I considered returning the favor I was VERY drunk because I did not want to turn down free drinks (hey booze costs money!)

Make sure you know & trust the person who’s buying. You don’t want to wake up in some back alley not knowing how the hell you got there.

Here in Australia, you buy a round for a few close friends, they buy one for you the same night. Gender is irrelevant.

The exception is for having drinks with the same folks on a different night. Guys will remember who owes who drinks weeks or months later, and are generally keen to keep the tally as even as possible.

Even my boyfriend doesn’t buy my drinks. I’m definitely hanging out with the wrong people… :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a tricky one, I find.

First of, guys do buy more rounds if you just leave things the way they naturally go. I don’t think they like spending the money, but reckon they probably get something out of the “bread winner” feeling, if you know what I mean by that. This apart from/on top of the picking up thing.

As for your question:

Most of the time I stay out of the rounds altogether to avoid the problem, or I might have a mini round thing going with a female friend of two.

I will occasionally accept a drink from the guys when it’s offered as friendship-cement, which I find is often the case.

I will also accept a drink from people (male or female) who I know are significantly better off than I am.

I will also accept them, unconditionally, if I’m playing music in the pub from anyone not playing. I play for fun, but getting a pint or two bought for you goes with it.

As for buying them. I say, once in a while: insist. I think it is acceptable to buy fewer rounds than the guys, but insisting to pay once in a while will probably be very much appreciated. In my experience guys will buy rounds, even if they can’t really spare the money.

Mind you, I have known the odd guy to actually get offended when I insisted. But I think it’s better to err on that side than to be thought of as mean.

The correct phrase for both men and women is “I’ll get this round. No, please, let me get it. It’s my turn.”

Repeat as needed.

I solve the problem by getting in to the table first and getting the first round=) When mrAru and I go out, it is with friends and I know what they all drink=)

I tend to get my drinks for free a lot of the time because I am always the designated driver and only do coffee, tea or soft drinks. Many bars will do this lovely service to keep people safe and reduce the liability=) I have even been comped my bar food tab for the night [buffalo wings, pepper poppers, cheese sticks, you know american pub food=)] and that can get fairly expensive over the course of an evening in some places=)

What runs me the most expensive is going out for sushi…I can spend a fortune on good sushi!

Once in a while it might not be a bad idea to just buy a round. Also, if you really want to buy a guy a drink, I’m free this Saturday :slight_smile: (and I live in Austin also).

Sorry, still think you’re naive.

There have been times I’ve bought a round for a group of friends, usually because we’d rotate through buying for each other, or had had a turn of good fortune. In every case of buying a drink for a lady, it’s because I’d hope she’d be drunk enough to accept my overtures.

And many a ‘happily married man’ has done the same thing, with the same expectation.