For any Aretha Fans

The lines from the song Respect where she sings
“take out TCP”
What does this mean

This drives me crazy!

Any help on the matter would be wonderful!

Subliminal messaging to get her fans to kill a man named TCP?

I’d heard it’s “Take care of TCB” and that “TCB” stands for “Taking Care of Business.” Does it make sense? Only marginally. Is it redundant? You betcha. Has this stopped any other lyric writer from putting down something that rhymes and fits the meter? Almost never.

It does kind of make sense, but I am positive that it is take out TCP. We have been using professional music sheets in my vocal class, and unless they got it wrong.

Your theory does make more sense though!

Take care, TCB.

TCB was a favorite expression of Elvis Presley’s; I guess that’s where she got it from.

And some other discussion on this subject. . .

And the final word on the subject:

What exactly is Aretha singing in “Respect”?

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