For Believers: article on Rapture.

Is Rapture just a symbol ?
If no, then when will it occur ?

I don’t think taking advice from this hate group is a good idea.

No, it’s not a symbol.

I’ts made up shit.

No, it’s not going to happen

Why don’t you tell us what you think?.. in your own words.

It’s like someone read “You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth” and decided they could do sooo much better…
ETA; researching which, led me to this hilarious site

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I translated this text from Polish (I’m not the author though) and I agree with the statements from the article that Rapture will occur before Great Tribulation. For me it’s all obviously logical and consistent.

Hate towards whom ? The evil world ?

Why don’t you tell us which parts of the world you think are evil.

Your little hate group believes that the Catholics, the Jews and many more are involved in a “Satanic conspiracy against Christian white civilization”.

Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out. Why are you asking for opinions from random strangers on a message board?

Just from a skim, it seems to be a hate group against Catholics, Jews, and possibly all non-white people.

…homosexuals, atheists, Gypsies, Mormons, pro-choice people, women…the usual list, really.

Everyone but the super seekrit white Jews she/he thinks she/he is a part of.

I can feel the ignorant hate-filled screed being copied and pasted furiously by the OP as we speak. Wait for it… wait…

So far all the hate is towards me and you can’t even stick to the subject. Moderators: please close this thread :slight_smile:

The subject is the source of your information, which is a hate group.

We don’t even have a subject yet.

You are supposed to present us with an opinion, and then everyone can debate it.

Still waiting.

The article is the subject. To debate you need to…read it. Then you can express whether you agree or not, whether you disagree utterly or only on certain points. And…WHY.

I read your hate-filled website, and I think it’s a hate-filled website.
edited to add: Why? Because it is filled with hate.

I disagree utterly because it’s based on ignorance. On what basis do you find it, “obviously logical and consistant”?