For Christ's Sake: It's Spelled BARACK. BARACK, with a C!

How many times now have I seen it on the SDMB spelled “Barak”?

I know people make typos, but it’s a repeated error, made by a lot of people. It’s now in a damn thread title. The guy is going to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in seven days. His name has been in the paper, on the internet, on news tickers every hour, multiple times an hour, for over a year. It’s not even that hard to spell; six letters, nothing unusual-looking to an English-speaking person.

For fuck’s sake. How hard is it to spell “Barack”?

Excellent post, RikJay.

Fuck yous!

I’ll spell is Timmy Obama if I want to!

Okay, no, really. It does get annoying after a while.

Obama is so far above average he doesn’t even have a “C” in his name! How awesome is that? :smiley:

But the “C” is silent! Why can’t I just spell it how it sounds?! Buhrok. Now that’s more like it.

is = it? How does one misspell “it”?

Really, that’s the part of that statement you’re choosing to single out? :smack:

I think I was going to go with “I spells it” or something along those lines, but… fast fingers and what not.

Yeah, I can get behind that. In a perfect world, we should know how to spell the name of any of our presidents…at least the misspelling of “Barak” is a lot closer to being right than “Shrub” for Bush.

But… But… once he makes the national language Arabic, will it make a difference?

At this point I would like to thank the next President for my four day weekend upcoming. I’d also like to give a hearty “screw you” to opposing counsel for removing my four day weekend.

That’s better than how this conservative moron on my Myspace friends list was spelling his name in her bulletins and blog entries all year: O’Bama.

Considering how many people still don’t know how to spell Hitler’s first name, I’m not surprised.

It’s taking longer than we thought.

dons tinfoil hat
It’s actually a Jewish conspiracy fomented by Ehud Barak.

Who’s Barack Obama?

The former junior senator from Illinois. Don’t you watch the news?

See? He’s not a Muslim terrorist- he’s Irish!

You’d think people would be satisfied just by misspelling Blagojevich.

Yes, but I know someone who didn’t vote for him because he “didn’t really know who he was”

There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama!

Former Junior Senator? What a loser.

Barack Fucking Obama, that’s who.

(possibly obscure cheesy guitar reference. Move along, nothing to notice.)