For God’s sake, let me explain

A lot of mood stabilizers can cause weight gain. Too bad my depression responds so well to them. I currently take Lamictal. Works like a charm. Fatter than I’ve ever been.

Antipsychotics also work great for my anxiety. I used to take Seroquel, now I take Zyprexa.

Meds are critical for some people.

There are many meds that cause weight gain. Like Spice Weasel, I’ve gained weight taking anti-depression and anti-anxiety pills. The fastest weight gain I had was taking steroids to treat persistent pneumonia.

Nailed it!

My doc went through the entire damn Physician’s Drug Handbook trying to find something that worked for me. Each person reacts differently to each of these kind of drugs and there are combinations which can cause different problems.

One particular drug actually increased my anxiety and restlessness, and it was a known side effect in a certain percentage of people.

Thankfully, other things helped me enough that I don’t need meds now.

Damn, I am in such a good mood now, just from reading that.

Same. And when I finally found my miracle drug (Wellbutrin), it gave me seizures. It was actually a neuro who put me on the Lamictal as an anticonvulsant, and it happened to help a lot with my depression.

I recently started Vyvanse and that’s a game changer too.

It really requires a lot of patience and trial and error.

Thanks! It took the right therapist after many, many years of trying that as well, but things are much better. It’s time to finish therapy as well.