For God's Sake, Be Nice!

OK, this board has got a big case of the MONDAYS, and we need to all sit back, let the pit mellow down to an orange glow, and remember why we came here in the first place, and the people that kept us here.

I joined the board in December of 2000, and I joined SPECIFICALLY to praise Cervaise on his Telemarketer thread. I was overjoyed that I’d found a witty, sarcastic, intelligent, informative message board to get me through long work days, nights when the cable went out, when I was sick or couldn’t sleep…it was a great place to fart around and make friends.

On September 11 I was scared to death, and it was the giant, joining of informative and sympathetic forces on this board that kept me from going crazy. I remember gobear putting a sympathetic ‘cyber arm’ around my shoulder and promising me I’d be ok.

Fights that resulted in friendships: Hamadryad, i’m looking in your direction, misunderstandings that resulted in smoothed over agreements, BottleBlondeJeanie…it’s been great.

I’ve received advice on everything from depression, to fertility, getting published, to weight loss, to curing stupid back pain (cure? THERE IS NO CURE BWAHAHAHAHHA) to who I should vote for, to how Pigeons Make Nests. I’ve learned almost everything about politics from THIS board. I am a smarter, more openminded, more compassionate person with better debating skills. This board convinced me of how firmly against the death penalty I am, helped me to really stand for something proudly. I introduced you guys to Lieu for chrissake!

I regret things for sure. I regret pitting CrazyCatLady before knowing all the facts, I regret being a strawman in some of my earlier arguements, I regret being oversensitive to certain issues just because I can be, I regret, believe it or not, pitting Duck Duck Goose, and I regret saying cruel things to people just for the cause of being funny.

I read a thread the other day from 1999, in which a poster said “this place has been going downhill for months now, and this is the lowest point”. So I guess it does all go in cycles. Let’s try and start a new, exciting, fun cycle. Not all sunshine and lollypop happy surprise fun forums, but just getting back to the great fun and intelligent discourse we’ve always been capable of.

Now YOU say something nice about the SDMB and who you know here. :slight_smile:

I met Zyada! :smiley:

That was the big one for me at the beginning. Then I saw a few hug threads, and was impressed by the way people here rally around to support others when they need it.

And of course I need to mention ‘Halloween Gone Horribly Wrong’ and all the others that have cracked me up. Where else can you read stories like that?

I am a relative newbie to the SDMB, although I have read the print columns since the '70s and have the books. This is an amazing on-line community populated with wonderful characters for the most part! I had always dismissed visiting the SDMB because past experiences on other boards had led me to believe that they are all populated by drunks with flame-throwers. Glad I finally checked it out! I have always tried to live by the old maxim “Learn something new every day.” Well, this is the place to be for anyone seeking some knowledge or humorous stories to round out the day. Even when emotions are running hot in the Pit, there is usually something to be gained. Next step for me, going to a DopeFest!

It’s hard to make new friends in such an isolated area as where I live, so I am forced to look on the Internet. I have not found a place on the net that has such a varied and interesting member base, and I learn something new every day here.

I can’t wait until next weekend’s PA Dope, where I can meet people that I would never have a chance to meet otherwise. (Although I have to confess to being a little nervous about meeting Weirddave and some of the other Baltimore-area dopers.)

Also, like the bar in Cheers, the Straight Dope Message Board is a place where “everyone knows your name.” I come here to read the words of wisdom and wit I wish I was gifted enough to create.

In small-town America, it’s difficult to find people (other than my husband) who have the same interests that I do. I enjoy coming here to see what everyone thinks about the same things I’m thinking about right now, and being introduced to things I didn’t know I was interested in until I saw it here. I appreciate the frank, open discussions that go on here, and having my mind opened to different perspectives on a variety of topics and issues. I have also appreciated the kindness, and sometimes the kick in the butt I’ve needed, when I’ve asked for advice.

Great thread, by the way, jarbabyj!

jarbabyj, you really hit the nail on the head. I found my mom’s copy of the first Straight Dope book a few years ago, and eventually got curious enough to look it up on the internet, and came here. To vastly understate it, the message boards left my jaw on the floor. It was like a door opened to a whole new world of people who were real intellectuals. It was new and exciting for a (then) 16 year old from a little high school with ultraconservative views. And after joining, it was everything I had expected it to be. I don’t post all the much (obviously), but I have always enjoyed my time here, and have managed to make some good friends (Flami and Giraffe spring to mind). I was pretty upset when this board went to paid subscriptions, because it kind of went against one thing that I thought made the board great, that it was such a great place without a “cover charge” of sorts, but eventually ponied up the $5 because I really couldn’t imagine not being able to come to this place like always. But, I will say, ever since then, the board has really been in a bad mood in general. I don’t know if people think “Well, I paid for this, so I can say anything I damn well please now.” and just forget their civility or what, but I really hope it changes. I think we’ll get back to where we were. Like jarbabyj said, these things tend to go in cycles, we’re due for an upswing. But it won’t just happen! We’ve got to do whatever we can do to help the board mood improve. jarbabyj, I think you just did a very good thing with this thread.
You know, this really turned out to be a pretty big post. You done got the hackles up on a redneck :wink:

The people on this board blow me away on a regular basis.

This is exactly why I don’t post much. Usually someone has already said what I’m thinking and better. Though I consider myself intelligent and funny I lurk in the shadow of those who are smarter and wittier.

On this board I feel welcome and outclasses at the same time. It’s like at once living on the outside and the inside of a very interesting circle of people.

This board has made me laugh and made my cry. Discussions here have made me think twice or for the first time about what I believe in.

I don’t want to name names because I’m sure I’ll leave someone out.

Thank you. Thank you all for support, friendship and endless hours of entertainment. (all for the low, low bargain price of just $4.95 :smiley: )

The telemarketer thread was one of the first ones I read, as well. (I think we registered roughly at the same time)

Then of course there was the “sandwich in the toilet” thread in which Giraffe was a fantastic sport. And I might be beaten if I don’t give a shout out to the MMPers who are always fun.

I’ve learned about or been exposed to lots of crazy stuff, lots of funny stuff, and lots of sad stuff. Sometimes I’ll bring up something I’ve read here to my IRL friends, and they won’t know anything about it. So I feel like I’ve got an “in” with things.

Mostly, though, I’m just thankful for aha. Without him, I wouldn’t have bookmarked Ever shit your pants? And to live without that kind of laughter? An absolute crime, I tell you.

I enjoy and appreciate the SDMB because it gives me hours of entertainment between customers at my extremely slow paced place of employment. Even though I was in fear that everyone here would be clones of my ex and his roomie, I’ve found differently. I very much enjoyed the PDX doper party in March (very grateful that I was able to try those fries before the power outage :)), and will probably crash next year’s as well. I loved that the line “department of the redundancy department” kept the laughter bubbling in my chest several times yesterday (and impressed my friends! I knew the straightdope would up my popularity factor someday ;)).

How did I forget in my post? Of course the MMPers are a huge boost to this board! Rue is easily one of the Doper gods with his incredible wit and style. I don’t post to the MMP nearly as often as I should, but I am a faithful reader to it.

I have to second this.

I feel like I’ve learned quite a lot in the four years I’ve been here. I’ve never felt I had much to contribute, so it almost doesn’t seem fair that I’ve gotten so much out of it.

In particular, I really loved the What is the best advice you have ever gotten? thread. In particular, I put a copy of RickJay’s post on my cubicle wall as a helpful reminder to myself. That may be the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

Maybe some day I’ll get over my shyness and actually post more.