For liberals like me who think Fox News is just a GOP shill

In an effort to be fair and balanced, I want to give a shout-out to Chris Wallace’s holding GOP candidate Carly Fiorina’s feet to the fire in the clip on this page.

I really can’t stand Hannity and the vapid morons on Fox & Friends, but I have to pay credit where credit is due.

Fox News isn’t a GOP shill. It’s the other way around. The GOP caters to the Fox News crowd. It’s really destroyed an otherwise great party. Now there’s no party worth supporting (that has a chance of winning, that is).

On a light aside and hijack, and on a similar vein as what Balthisar said, the GOP is catering to the fox news crowd, so now we have new pseudo- parties [Tea Party] and no hope what-so-ever of a tea party candidate appealing to the more traditional Republican Old Guard, therefore all but guaranteeing Obama staying in office for another 4. I’m sure no one is telling Fox this, but then, I’m a jaded Democrat who thinks Fox is a little more than a half a bubble off plumb.

I like this example of Wallace scolding the vapid morons on Fox & Friends for being excessive and disingenuous.

Yeah, I saw a biography recently of Nelson Rockefeller and was very impressed with his speech to the RNC in 1964 (where he was booed and shouted down), which I had not previously know about. It could well be that if such a thing really existed today, I’d be closer to voting as a “Rockefeller Republican” as opposed to a “Democrat Who Is Increasingly Deeply Unnerved By The Mounting Federal Debt”.

As Wikipedia summarizes it, “Modern Rockefeller Republicans are typically centre-right fiscal conservatives, reject far-right policies, and are culturally liberal. Still others espouse government and private investments in environmentalism, infrastructure, farms and higher education as necessities for the nation’s survival, in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton and Theodore Roosevelt. In general, Rockefeller Republicans oppose socialism and the redistribution of wealth while supporting some regulation of business and federal social programs in matters pertaining to the public good.”

That’s a far, far cry from what I see on Fox “News” or from the main mouthpieces of the current Republican Party.

Chris Wallace is, IMO, the best interviewer on TV. He grills everyone.

FWIW, I can’t stand Hannity or any of their morning people, either.