The Freepers and I finally have something in common

The Freepers and I both hate Fox News. Granted, I hate it because it’s biased beyond reason and it gives brainless scream-tards like O’Reilly a platform and they hate it because of its “hatchet job on Sarah Palin”, but this could be the start of something. More specifically, it could be the start of the disintegration of the GOP as we know it: The party bosses are throwing Palin under the bus for her role in the McCain loss, probably because blaming it all on her means they don’t have to acknowledge how badly Bush and the Neocons tainted the entire Conservative movement in this country and their complete inability to find a single candidate with near the charisma of Obama.

However, Palin really resonated with people that the GOP could count on in the past. The Religious Right, the more rural and less affluent Republicans, see in Palin a good Christian stay-at-home mom who represents just about everything they want in a woman: Conservative values, strong church-going roots, plenty of experience raising children (even a special-needs child), and the ability to say things like “Drill, Baby, Drill” to slap the enviro-nazis in the face. They want Palin to run for President in 2012 and probably don’t especially care to see McCain ever again. If the GOP dumps 2008 on Palin these people could join up with the Constitution Party and begin spoiling elections for the GOP, like the Greens tend to spoil things for the Democrats.



Darn! For a brief moment, I thought that link when to the thread about who’s funeral Phelp’s was picketing, and thought “God smote Sarah Palin??!??!”.

But no.

Psst off. :wink: That thread doesn’t mention the Freepers on the first page so this one’s fair game.

Reading part of that thread, two things jumped out at me:

  1. They say “Faux News” just like the DailyKos people do.

  2. Shepard Smith is gay… wait, really? Is that true? Well, if it is, to some of the Freepers it is a good enough excuse to boycott Fox.


I was just about to post that quote too! I thought it was pretty funny, actually.

Apparently, they expected Fox to announce that McCain had won the election or something.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I’ll take from this, it’s that the people who thought we were arrogant about how influential this board is were wayyyyyy off:

Dangit! The Big Guy is falling down on the job, I tell you!

I don’t Fox Noise (Thank you Keith Olbermann!) monitoring them-but I wouldn’t be surprised if some law agencies were, considering in the past there have been threats made against the Clintons, the bar owners who contacted 9-1-1 when Jenna Bush showed up, etc.

I do know that in the past there were some major lawsuits, since the original practice was to post the entire article, and when requested to refrain from doing so, the site owner told them to fuck off. According to Wiki, it was the Washington Post and the Los Angelos Times.

Bunch of wackjobs, for the most part. shudder
[sub]So why read it, you ask? Morbid curiosity.[/sub]

Just wanted to add Sarah Palin is not a stay-at-home mom.

I don’t know if this is entertaining or nauseating. They are going absolutely bat-shit over there about everything. Boycotting Fox “News” - trashing McCain, who was three steps from Yahweh himself about four days ago - and of course the neverending cries of “Commie!”

But in one thread regarding the recentely reported rise in unenployment, the second comments was: “Can we blame Obama, yet?”

Ok. Fine. Maybe it’s a funny – and if it is, I’ll chuckle a little, but that comment was responded to with this:

“You bet we can and must. IMO Soros and others manipulated the economy the last few months in order to get Obama elected. Most likely they manipulated things to far and now they can’t bring it back. So, that makes it Obama’s fault.”

You can’t argue with that brand of psychosis, can you?

You can, but it’s not advisable. You can bash your head in with a hammer, but it’s also not advisable.

It’s not that I doubt that the Freepers honestly believe this, but . . . if they think women should stay at home and raise babies, why on Og’s green Earth would they vote for one (with babies) to take a full-time political office thousands of miles from the kitchen she’s supposed to be barefoot in?

It makes my brain hurt. Owie.

Glad I wasn’t the only one that caught this.

Cognitive dissonance has been the Republican strategy for the last 10 years.

Palin was a terrible choice for a running mate. McCain’s campaign thought they were being cute and throwing the Dems a curveball, and it completely backfired on them.

I just don’t see Palin emerging frm the RNC in 2012 as the candidate. If she does, it will certainly mean the Republican Party is in it’s death throes (and it’s already in ICU now).

I know that, but she was positioned as one. As I understand it, and I can see Alaska from my backdoor with the right chemicals, a hockey mom is a subset of the stay-at-home mom motif.

I think she’ll be run by someone in '12 and she’ll get enough votes to help put Obama in until '16. She might cause a brokered caucus* in the GOP, causing a ‘least worst’ candidate to be picked for a quick slaughter, or she might skip the major party altogether and be put forth by the Constitution party or some other third party eager to grab all of the Religious Right who hate the GOP for what they’re doing to her right now.

*(I don’t know what the correct term is. It means the party can’t come to an agreement the usual way and has to use backroom deals to pick a candidate.)