On election Eve, Freepers hit a new low

Yeah, I know, I know, there’s not much lower than simply being a Freeper in the first place, but many of them are suggesting that Barack Obama had his own grandmother killed for political reasons.

The sad thing is that I saw this coming.

Gotta get the sympathy vote, doncha know.

What the fuck is wrong with those people?

Oh my god. My grandmother died about two hours ago. Do you think Obama . . . ?

There were a few saying “Now, now, be nice.” But not many.

I like this too:

(bolding mine)

Ah yes, the Republican 'base". Soon they will be a marginal party if this is what they embrace.

Psychotic morons.

Upon reading that whole thread (yes, I’m a masochist), I have to wonder about the claim they’re making that the vast majority of cancer patients die of euthanasia rather than the disease itself. Is there any kernel of truth in that?

The US political right certainly does seem to have an abundance of hate these days… I get the feeling that this is not a looney fringe movement, but is rather a more substantial portion of the “base” that McCain and Palin MUST appeal to in order to have any chance of winning an election.

I really don’t think that Obama/Biden needs to appeal to far left people such as our own Der Trihs in order to get elected. You don’t really hear of anyone at Obama rallies yelling “kill the soldiers” or McCain is a traitor!" In fact, the far left appears to dislike the Democrats - they see them as more or less the same as the Republicans.

Absolutely. Just look at him.

Plus, he’s got nothing better to do, besides defiling our daughters and eating our chicken.

It’s the greater internet dickwad theory. That place is just /b/ with a political agenda.

I was going to post a mildly sick joke, then I read the thread in the link.

What on earth…?

Are those people for real? I’ve vaguely heard of “freepers” before, but am astonished at the sentiments there espoused. Are they for real, or a work of satire?

I find it very sad that anyone would think so poorly of another human being just because they’re a political candidate that doesn’t support their views.

Seriously, folks. The tribalism has to end somewhere. McCain doesn’t eat babies, either.

Now you’ve gone TOO far. He couldn’t lift them to his mouth.

These are indeed, the “base” that you hear pundits speak of when they talk about Palin energizing “the base”. They are a significant portion of McCain/Palin’s voting demographic.

What scares me is this: If things go as badly for the Republican Party tomorrow as they might there will be a blood bath in the GOP. Fundamentally the argument will be that the election, control of Congress, the chance to shape the Sup Ct, to grab all the oil, you name it was lost because the party was not reactionary enough; all those moderates, all the people who either refused to drink the cool-aid or who just took a sip must be driven out of the party. The result is that the rump of the GOP will be made up of the Rev Mr Dobson’s people, the Freepers ,the Gov of Alaska and some plumber from Toledo. We might end up with three parties. It ain’t going to be fun.

Ah ha! That reminds me what I was going to post in the SNL thread. I saw McCain lift his arm above his shoulder on SNL! So he could in fact eat babies.
And yes, this is all ridiculous.

Wow. I’ve never really looked at Free Republic before, but there’s some loony-tunes over there. I especially liked the argument “the fact that a bunch of us believe he’s capable of killing his own grandmother proves he’s a bad person!”

I, too, have been thinking that we could end up with three prominent parties after this, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

By that logic, according to many on this site, Sarah Palin is evil incarnate. You betcha!

I first encountered the above meme on Stormfront. It’s already spread to FreeRepublic?! :eek:

lissener, I’m sorry for your loss.

Now we return to our freeper bashing, already in progress …