For Men Mostly: Sex, or Your Leg?

Inspired by this thread specifically this post:

Guys, would you rather lose a limb, or suffer never having PIV sex again. You can have any other kind of sex; anal, oral, handjobs, whatever. But you can never again have penetrative vaginal sex. What do you choose?

edited to add: when you lose the arm/leg, it is painful, as the comment suggested. So no operations under general anesthesia. We’re talking woodchipper accident here!

I like my limbs. A lot. I’m rather attached to them. (Thank you, thank you – I’ll be here all week. Try the chicken and waffles!) I think there are lots of other fun ways to enjoy sex beyond PIV.

My vote is cast.

Two out of three holes is a much better ratio than one out of two legs.

Heh, that’s not the dilemma I was talking about - I meant no sex, period: celebacy. If you are allowed other kinds of sex, I’d vote to keep the limb, thanks! :smiley:

I’m reminded of this.

One leg? Girls don’t find that shit attractive. Being a unipod will make it that much more difficult to find a willing partner for vaginal sex.

If the goal is to avoid pregnancy (because abortion is unavailable) why couldn’t you have other types of sex? That doesn’t make any sense. As my daddy told me, “You can’t get pregnant in your mouth.”

We were talking about reactions to the statement 'I’d rather never have sex again than … ". It doesn’t have to make sense.

I suspect I’m not going to be able to get the Tenacious D “Cock Pushups” sketch out of my head today, thanks to you. :smiley:

Your dad said that to you?

Am I the only one squicked by the thought of someone’s dad saying this to his kid?

Anyway, I vote to keep my leg (or laig, as it’s inexplicably called in the South Jersey/Philly corridor). Also, as far as the wood chipper action is concerned, that’s not even a factor in my decision. I wouldn’t care if I were completely anesthetized and received the best surgical amputation ever, my limbs are more important to me than access to a vagina, any vagina. I seriously can’t imagine anyone choosing otherwise.

Picked “other” as I’m gay, but even if you replaced pentrative vaginal sex with one specific other type of sexual activity I’d still be willing to give up that one for the host of others you’re still allowed. Hey, I like oral/handjobs more than penetration most of the time.

It was a joke, ya’ll. My dad would rather lose his leg in a woodchipper than talk about oral sex with me, I think. :wink:

Has anyone mentioned there are plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy other than abortion or amputation? :smack:

I would keep all my limbs without question. Sex comes in so many variations that abstaining from vaginal penetration, if that even comes into question as without ejaculating sperm, there is not going to be any pregnancy, is like removing Cinnamon from the spice cupboard. You will miss it once in a while but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Though I understand there is a theory that women who have a regular dose of sperm in the ol’ biscuit are generally happier on a day to day basis. Though I am not sure how true that is. :cool:

This is a no-brainer for me, since I’m not into PIV sex. (I had to stop and think of what PIV stands for.)

Even PIA sex . . . still not what I’m into. And you didn’t ask about PIM.

She didn’t have to. Her dad already gave her the answer to that…

I’d keep my limbs if I could never have sex again.

Well, I feel like a jackass. I figure the answer is a no-brainer and vote for the first option. Current poll results show me as the only one voting for it. Damn.

“C’mon, honey, turn over and let me fuck your ass.”

“Again? Why can’t we just have regular sex tonight?”

“Because, duh!! I have both my legs! I made a deal, OK? Now turn over and stop complaining.”

Whew, good thing there’s no realistic scenario in which I’d have to make that choice!

Well, the women with thunder thighs might appreciate a skinner man that get in there so to speak.