For My German-Speaking Friends!

Actually, when I started here I used an email account that I also used for my side job because it was anonymous. The account was named because it was where customers would drop off work requests. I got sick of the name fairly quickly, but it was too late.

I would never skydive.


But you wouldn’t believe how peaceful it is up there! You just want to stay up there forever!

I think in previous posts here, I have written about dreams of being able to fly?

It usually starts with going down a flight of stairs and “arranging” my feet where they slant down and I just “skate” over the steps and when I get to the bottom, I will have built up so much “momentum” that I can just soar into the sky!

Only problem is, the people in my dreams who see me soaring above them, and me catching draft after draft soaring like an eagle, are not surprised to see me up there!

They don’t even look up!:slight_smile:

A friend says it’s 'cause I’m narcisstic. narcissitic (sp?)

Whatcha’ll think?:wink:



The danger of skydiving is that the 'chute may not open.

So on your first dive, don’t use a parachute. It’s best not to take the chance it won’t open.