For podcasts—Spotify Premium vs. Stitcher Premium

About a year and a half ago Apple fucked it’s Podcast app and I could no longer understand how to make it work.

Somehow I had a Stitcher Premium subscription—transferred over from a trial, I think—so I switched all my podcast listening to Stitcher.

I’ve been reasonably satisfied with Stitcher—they haven’t done anything to make me hate them.

However, I recently took a Spotify-Hulu combi deal and upgraded to a Spotify Premium account.

So now I’m wondering if I should dump Stitcher Premium and just do all my audio listening on Spotify.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Comparisons?

I haven’t tried Stitcher, but if my Spotify should suddenly disappear I would go through some serious grieving.

I use it for both podcasts and music, btw.