For-real, for-serious: planning the next Bama Dopefest.

The last time we tried this, it didn’t work so well. Not enough interest. This time, thanks to Tabeitha’s thread, things might be different.

It’s been nearly a year since we all got together. I miss you guys, and I want to welcome newcomers. So let’s get to it.

Let’s plan the next Bamadope. Where, when, and why.

I’m going to start by suggesting an August weekend as the best date. I’ll leave the city suggestions and narrowing the date down to the rest of y’all.

Okay Ogre, mouthbreather, Sylkyn, verbenabeast, Tabeitha, widdershins, Sophie, bobkitty, Osip, Simetra, and all other three million Bama-Georgia-Tennessee-Mississippi Dopers. Let’s get this party started. Or…planned. Or…something.


I will keep an eye on this thread, but our trip planning has become a little more complicated as we now have a dog (got her 18 months ago) and as of last weekend, a 5-month old puppy.

I’ll keep an eye out for how this develops.

well I am here and so far my august is free…
Let me know and I can see what I can do… might be able to even convince my new GF to tag along.

August is good for me!
(Just please let wherever the meeting place is have Air Conditioning!!!)

As far as I know, August sounds good to me, as well. About once a month, on Saturdays (usually) I work at a catering company but if I know in advance which day we’re going to meet, I can request they not schedule me on that particular day.

Oh yeah…I’m ready for a BamaDope myself! And Noc, sorry I just now saw this thread. Count me in…I’ll be there this time, for sure. (Barring a new disaster, that is…but I think I’ve had my quota for the decade on those…fingers crossed tightly)

I am a loser hermit freak… pretty much any weekend in Aug.'ll be fine wit’me… y’all sons and daughters of the south need TIGHTEN IT UP!! let’s all get on the bandwagon, here!

Am I still an honorary BamaDoper? And if so, do I get to see pictures from this BamaDope (and hopefully The Palatial Estate)? Or maybe… I’ll be bold enough to think about showing up. :wink:

this humble newbie would consider it…bham area.
( i am really more fun than my posts let on, unless it’s early in the morning…)

Birmingham sounds great to me. Those who need to can stay at my place in Tuscaloosa (Serendipity? :))

I’m personally good for mid-August date.

B’ham is good 'nuff fer me

August is far enough away that I have nothing planned (I’m a hermit/recluse/weekend working stiff), should be able to rearranged things at work with enough notice, a couple of people will owe me favors by then.

Late August is best for me. My schedule is unpredictable at best, so don’t shift any plans around on my account. I’ll make it if I can.

I fully intended to show up at the last one. Then I got a last-second call, the board was not responding, and I couldn’t notify anyone.

Thus did I piss Bobkitty off…Not a good thing to do. :eek:

hmmmm… Birmingham … only 3 or 4 hours away.
Perhaps Sweety and I could make a weekend of it. Any state parks close to Birmingham? With cabins?

NocLove, I just might take you up on that offer. :slight_smile:

As for timing… early to mid August is best for me; after that, I’m back to school.

Anyone interested in meeting at Oak Mountain State Park? It has cabins & stuff. It’s 15 miles south of B’ham.

I’m going to call Monday to check availability of cabins. We are very interested in going.

What about a BBQ/crawfish boil/fish fry at the State Park? There are 5 Saturdays in August: 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30. Looks like the 9th or 16th would be our best bet; school actually starts here something like the 11th.


Talked to the Oak Mountain people. The cabins are all booked up until November :frowning:

We could still book one of the pavilions if we wanted to. OTOH, maybe DeVena’s right; maybe we need to be air-conditioned. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, yes, please, there must be air conditioning. I’m a damn Yankee – I start to melt if it gets too hot. :wink:

I’m telling you - Alabama in August. And NO air-conditioning?? My hair will be so BIG and FRIZZY you will think I’m Rosanne Rosanadana’s fat kid sister.

I kid you not.