For The First Time In YEARS Bosda Di'Chi is Dumbfounded!

Just how the hell do I explain this? There’s no explaination for this! And right next door to a church. :eek: :smack: :eek: :smack:

Did I hallucinate this whole article? It can’t be real.

Why not? The world is a strange place.

Some parts are stranger than others. :rolleyes:

I find it amusing, but not as befuddling as you might expect…

I think it’s pretty funny, and with a fantasy-type name (and location) like yours I’m actually surprised that you are offended by this.

You obviously have an imagination and can understand role-playing?

I’m not into any of the stuff described in the article, but it doesn’t sound like she’s breaking any laws, so what’s the big deal? If no sex is involved I can’t even say it’s “immoral”.

(completely unrelated question: what does your name mean, anyway?)

I’m not offended per se, but…stunned.

My name comes from an old thread–“What Is Your Star Wars Name” or somesuch title.

I think if I was going to a dominatrix, I’d pay more if she was next to a church. Adds to the kink factor.


Stop looking at me like that.

A good friend of mine returned from Venezuela a few years back with some interesting stories. The relevant one involved the theater just down the street from the company offices he was visiting. The theater was 100% hardcore porn, with a stage for live sex shows (during intermissions, I suppose). The marquis proclaimed this for all the world to see. He happened to pass by on a Sunday, and found the marquis covered by a fabric sign bearing the name of a church, the schedule sign listing service times and sermon topic, and hymns emanating from within. The next day it was a theater again. Upon inquiring, he learned that it was a timeshare arrangement: the church paid rent, and had complete control of the place every Sunday. It was cheap for the church, and Sundays had traditionally been slow days for the theater anyway.

FYI, that’s marquee (or “marquise” with an e). I was stuck wondering for a while what a nobleman was doing proclaiming what was inside a porno theatre. Maybe he was moonlighting as a barker…? :slight_smile:

LOL!! That’s exactly what went through my head too! I was totally confused.

As for the dominatrix, the article doesn’t say she’s next door to the church, she’s a few houses down. I still don’t understand why this is a big deal. She just happened to live there, I didn’t get the impression that she hangs a big sign out front, or that she chose the location on purpose.

This is a hell of a lot stranger than the OP!

And regarding the OP, I’m neither shocked, surprised, nor stunned. In fact, I’m only mildly surprised this made a newspaper in a town the size of Indianapolis, when no criminal charges have been filed. People do strange things. And to many, a church is just a building. Consider your mind stretched.

Dominatrixes (dominatrices?) are two-a-penny. What is it that has you so flabberghasted?

Twitch twitch twitch go the net curtains, eh? A rather old-fashioned sort of outrage, in my opinion, anyway.
Like rusalka says, she just happens to live there. Doubt she thought too hard about what sort of buildings were in the vicinity of her house.

I like Balance’s story. Now that one made me think “Huh. Funny old world.”

Can’t say I find the OP that shocking at all. I do like the part time porn, part time prosletyzing story. If only it used the same employees on sunday; that’d be really interesting.

S&M is nothing. Hell there is a S&M theme restaurant here in NYC.

I’m not even mildly taken aback. You’d be surprised what goes on in neighborhoods. Lucky you the participants are there willingly. Unlike that dude that kidnapped girls and put them in the torture chamber for months at a time. That’s the kind of thing you don’t want in your neighborhood!

A friend of mine ran a house of ill repute in our neighborhood. I just had to check it out. They were all real nice girls, just looking to make a living. Heh. Right there in our little town.

You’re kidding, right?

If not, link?

Why would Zebra be kidding? Don’t they have any S&M restaurants in Murfreesboro? Man, that place must be squaresville…

From the review here,,

At the risk of sounding pedantic;

Welcome to the twenty-first century. It’s just one more reason I adore living in America. Consenting adults enjoying themselves in an unfettered (okay, a fettered) fashion.


Let us hope that the city officials are entirely unable to produce a single outside person that has ever sex in that dungeon. Personally, I feel that things like this are what make our nation great. S&M or B&D aren’t exactly my ticket, but I am certainly glad to know that people still have the right to do whatever they please in the privacy of their homes.

I love this country!

Thanks chukhung! I was a bit pressed to look for links but I really like this part of the review.

and yes you can be spanked

When is the next NYC Dopefest?

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