For those of you who are wondering......



Glad to know. :slight_smile:

I’m glad at least SOMEBODY’S gettin some! Welcome home, Mr. Bear.

Well that pretty much says it all. Good for you!

I actually understood that, on the first try!

PB - You’ll excuse me if I don’t offer to shake your hand. I have a good idea where they’ve been.

I am happy for you, though!

um, do you guys think you could take a break long enough to get to Austin? :wink:

Welcome home, Mr Bear!



Have a good time, hon? :wink:

… but THIS is kinda cyber-voyeurism, donchathink?

Glad to hear it, Purp & welcome home, Mr Bear.



She actually came up for air long enough to post…

And she was even able to walk to the computer!



To be more apt:

Well-laid putz.

Hmmmmm… Out on the briny deep again, are we?
S’alright; you’re a handy kinda guy…(Laughing smiley ommitted)

I think I speak for . . . well, myself, when I say:


Yay purplebear and Mr Bear! :smiley:

i’m glad to hear mr. bear got home safely.


Good on ya’ mates.

Glad everything is going smoothly. :slight_smile: