She's Home

Purplebear was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon. Although she is still not back to full strength she is very glad to be home. She walked in the door straight to the puter and starting checking email. I was able to get her away from here after about two hours. She’ll be with you in a few minutes. Don’t keep her long she still needs to rest ok!
Again thanks to everyone who sent jokes and best wishes to her.

Let me be the first to welcome you home, purp! Easy on the keys O.K.? Don’t want to go right back in and start eating that ‘soild’ food now, do you?

{{{Purplebear}}}, so glad you’re home!!!

Don’t worry Mr Bear, if she stays too long, we’ll slip her a mickey for ya, we don’t want her sick again…

hugs to both of you…


Welcome back!

Glad you are well!

Glad to have met both of you at the HouDope.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


::does a happy dance::

PB’s home!


Glad you’re back home, purplebear!

Follow doctor’s orders and take it slow, now - we want you to get better and stay better! :slight_smile:

No more bedroom Olympics for a while you two! Mend rapily, bear.

There are a god-awful amout of smilies in this thread already. Grrrrr…

(I’m feeling much more like my normal self too!)


does cartwheels

Hope you’re back to 100% soon, purp!!!


Welcome back!

     :) :) :)
   :) :)
   :) :) :) :)
   :) :)
   :) :)
     :) :) :)

This is a mouthless smiley… I am too lazy for a mouth… sorry :slight_smile:


and too dumb to make it work :slight_smile:

Glad you are back.

Get well k?

Glad you’re doing better, purplebear :slight_smile:

yay!!! i’m glad to hear you’re doing better.

no looking around the house to find things to do. just kick back and let the “care bears” do the work.

Yay! I’m so glad to hear that you’re back home. I’ll be praying that you feel back up to 100% soon. Take it easy, and let Mr. Bear take care of you.

Welcome back! :smiley:


Hope you get to feeling like your old self again soon, purplebear!

And thanks for the updates, Mr Bear! :slight_smile:

Yaaayyyy! Welcome home, sweetie! Take care of yourself, you hear? I will not have you scaring the good folks of the SDMB like that again, young lady!

And {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mr Bear}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for taking such good care of our favorite bearlady!

Hey friend , take care of yourself and I will see you soon.Thanks for opening your house to me. Please dont over do. See you soon. :):):slight_smile:

Glad to have you back PB! Get well and see you soon!

Welcome home Purple Bear! Here’s a wish for a speedy recovery.

I’m so glad you are home Purplebear. Just take it slow for a few days, it will take some time before you are back up to speed. We will all be very unhappy campers if you yourself push too hard and end up back inside.