Prayers and good thoughts for Purplebear

I just got done conversing with PB on AIM, and she need our prayers and well wishes. As many of you know, she recently had surgery to remove a kidney stone. Well, her recovery is going slower than hoped. She is having a lot of pain and discomfort around her stent and in her kidneys, and seems to have caught a UTI as well. If this situation dosen’t improve, she may be re-admitted to the hospital. Please wish her well, and hope she gets a good nights sleep and is on the upswing tomorrow.


Oh my word…I hope all goes okay, please get better you are the light of our board…

< sigh >


Best wishes to Purplebear tonight…prayers are with you.

I’m not so jealous anymore. Be better, please. All us bears care.

Ack! Not her too!

:: making another exception to the no hug policy ::


Get better!


Please get better soon, purplebear! I’ll be thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts!


Please get feeling better soon!!!

puprplebear, I feel your pain. I really hope it gets better. I’ll pray for you.

Aw, purplebear!

I’m sorry you aren’t recovering as well as I had hoped.

My prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way…people as sweet as you do NOT deserve to feel crummy!

Much Love,


{{PB}} get well soon

{{{{{{{{{Purplebear}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} get well soon!

Oh no! This is not acceptable. You must get better right this instant, Missy! You just can’t keep putting the Teeming Millions through this sort of worry.

Seriously…I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly again, PB. Many warm thoughts and prayers are speeding your way for a swift recovery.


“Out, damned pain!”
Take 'er easy, bear.

I’m sending prayers and good thoughts your way, Purplebear. I hope you feel better soon.



Best wishes, PurpleBear. Get better soon.


To one of the sweetest posters ever.

Come back soon hon. We’re thinking of you.

Hey Purp,

I’m sorry that your recovery is not going as smooth as possible. Just stay off the computer for a few days, and get plenty of rest. My prayers and thoughts are with you, get well soon.


Get well soon, sweetie!

Try dissolving some baking soda in a glass of ice water (it goes down better when it’s really, really cold - it’s veeeeery salty) and drinking that to relieve any burning from the UTI. And I’m sure your doctors told you - lots and lots of cranberry juice.

Take care, hon!

The luckiest woman in the world!
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Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

Yeah, I was gonna suggest cranberry juice too. Worked very well for me.

Get better soon PB. I’ll definitely send you a prayer and a bunch of healing thoughts.

No. Geobabe’s right. This will not do.

purplebear and Persephone need us, so there’s only one thing to be done:
Everybody clear your neural pathways; we’re gonna form a psychic circle, okay?

Right. All clear? Good, now everybody LINK UP and start sending the healing vibes as hard as you possibly can.

[sub]This IS going to work. It’s got to. I can’t TAKE friends in pain…[/sub]