Purplrbear is ill ? !

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Mr.Bear said **" Well the Bears did have a good time. Irishman, if you are using the morning after feeling as a judge of how good the time was, then Purple Bear must have had the best time of all, as she is now in the hospital with a bad kidney infection and dehydration. " **

How is Purplebear now Mr.Bear ? Please keep us updated, and tell her I am praying for her. Kidney problems suck !

ACK! I hope she feels better soon!

sends hugs and well wishes

punha produces a virtual water bottle from his doctor kit.

I wonder why she’s dehydrated . . .



::Robin brings virtual silk flowers and a Mylar balloon::

Hope ya get better soon :slight_smile:


I hope she is feeling better soon, and out of the hospital. They usually don’t allow people to stay in the hospital unless it is pretty serious because of the tighter insurance coverage now.

Best wishes to PB. Sad that as soon as Mr Bear came back they were separated again.

Yes Purple Bear is in the hosiptal. She was admitted to the hospital (after a 12 hour work up in the emergency room) @ 0130 tuesday. She will be in for at least 3 days. She has a kidney infection and stone(although the stone doesn’t appear to be the problem right now). She is starting to feel a little bit better this morning, as evidenced that she now is complaining (only mildly right now) about the hospital gown (or should I say lack of gown).:smiley:
I will post updates as they develop. I will print this thread out and take it to her daily.

Thanks for the kind update, Mr. Bear, give her a hug from all of us, okay???

A stone ** and ** an infection ? Oh my ! Purplebear take it easy, that has to hurt. Know that we are all thinking of you and send all our good thoughts, prayers, healing energy or whatever we each believe will help your way. Drink lots of water , make the doctors give you good drugs.

Thank you for updating us MrBear, and thank you for taking our wishes to her. Please do take her her favorite gown, pj’s or what she wants. It’s bad enough to be in the hospital without those ugly butt showing gowns.

Get well soon, purplebear. :slight_smile:

MrBear, I think I know how she feels, having experienced the same thing. God, a stone? Worst pain I ever felt. Hope purplebear is feeling better soon. I saw on the other thread a suggestion to send in jokes. I’ll try to think of a good one and send it later. Saying a prayer for both of you!

My sympathies. I hope it all works out… no, that doesn’t sound right. I hope she feels better soon.

hmmm how do I say this… IMHO her butt is not ugly :smiley:

[sub]* just so you know they are ICU gowns, cause when you walk down the hallway we do see you![/sub]*

ok nuff funny stuff 2200 update,

Purple Bear want me to thank everyone for the kind words and thoughts, she will try to post herself her in a few days. She is eating soild food now, still spiking temps but generally showing some signs of improvement. She has gone from just wanting to curl up and die to complaining about not be able to get enough sleep and the blood suckers who can’t suck blood.

All in all she is improving. The next up date will be in about 12 hours.


I am SO sorry to hear you are feeling less than wonderful…I am sending lots of love and good vibes for a speedy recovery. And how awful that this should happen just now! But at least you have your own Mr Bear by your side during this ordeal. [sub]AND he thinks your butt is beautiful, too. What more could a woman wish for?[/sub]

My heart and prayers are with you.



Quit yer bragging! We already know how blessed you are to be able to see her butt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell her to get well.
And you take care of yourself also. I know how easy it is to neglect yourself when a loved one is sick.

{{{{{{To the both of you.}}}}}}

Best wishes and prayers (hmm, St. Tegla- she being the most invoked Celtic Saint for healing sound right…)

Oh no! purplebear, I hope you feel much better very, very soon! Glad to see the updates and to see you are feeling some better! See what too much partying and celebrating will get ya! I hope you get to post yorself and let us know how you are very soon! We miss you!

There was major partying going down, hope it didn’t precipitate your illness! We want y’all to come back, hear?

Get well soon!!

Lin has now officially joined the SDMB as Goldilocks (well, she was hanging with the Bears @ HouDope 2001 #1 ;)). Doubt she’s posted yet, but we are both thinking of you.

{{{{Poor Purplebear}}}}. Kidney infections definitely suck. I hope you get better real soon.

MR Bear, I meant the ugly, butt showing gowns. As in the gowns are ugly. AND they show your butt. I don’t think Purplebear has an ugly butt, in fact if I were in the mood to grab women’s butts at HouDope I would have started with Purplebears butt.

Er, um, never mind, I just keep getting myself in deeper here don’t I . I’ll just mosey along now.