For those who are following "The Order of the Stick"...

…the latest episode (#567) really throws a spanner in the works… With the Oracle dead, what will the Haley group do?

I got to thinking, and I have developed a theory about what may happen… It is a long shot, but, what do you think?

[spoiler]What if the position of Oracle of the Sunken Valley is obtained in a similar way to that of Rex Nemorensis?

The Rex Nemorensis was the priest of the temple of Diana Nemorensis (or Artemis, if you want to give her her Greek name), near Lake Nemi, in Italy. The priesthood for that particular temple was achieved in a very special way: The aspirant had to kill the previous priest in single combat, after which he would become the new priest… But only for as long as he would be able to fend off other aspirants.

Some traditions say that only fugitive slaves were allowed to try and obtain that position.

Soooo… What if, now that Belkar has killed the Oracle, we see Tiamat showing up and saying something to the effect of “well done, you are now my new Oracle”? Tiamat is an evil deity, so she wouldn’t have trouble with Belkar becoming her new Oracle (the previous one didn’t strike me as very Good, either). This would neatly solve the impasse the group finds itself into after this (in my opinion impulsive and rash) action by Belkar: The Oracle is dead, long live the Oracle! Ask the questions to Belkar, the new Oracle of the Sunken Valley.

The previous Oracle may have seen this coming, and may have thought that it was high time for a replacement to arrive. Staying put in the Sunken Valley and having to answer questions from people who arrive at all times is not exactly a good life… And I think that it definitely wouldn’t be Belkar’s idea of a good life! Unless he decided to kill everyone who came with questions for him, but then Tiamat might have something to say about it (that is not proper behaviour for an Oracle).

The previous comment by the Oracle about Belkar better enjoying his next birthday cake may mean then either that Belkar is going to be veeeeery miserable having to be the Oracle of the Sunken Valley, or that his behaviour as Oracle is so outrageous that Tiamat will arrange for a suitable “replacement” to show up and kill him.[/spoiler]

I know this sounds crazy, but… For some reason, I like it!

Just my 2 eurocent!

Sounds good in theory, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It would mean either permanently removing one of the main (and funniest) characters from the strip, or further fragmenting the cast when the comic is building towards finally bringing them all back together.

(#568) The Oracle doesn’t seem to have taken its fate lying down.

Founding a new city right behind the castle just for the purpose of activating Belkar’s Mark of justice was an inspired bit of revenge.

“Go on, give 'em a nice once over.” heh.

Ooooooh, harsh

I guess being an Oracle has its advantages :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my 2 eurocent!


Aaaaand… the winner for “Name of Capital in Scrappy’s next Civ game is…”