Another OOTS thread: Roy and the Oracle

Nothing but speculation on my part but it seemed too pat that the Oracle just handed Roy all that information and then mistakenly sent him away in the one manner that would allow Roy to remember it (link). In my opinion, it was a set-up (just like his plan to get revenge on Belkar). I think the Oracle has some plan that involves Roy having knowledge of what occurred and intentionally let Roy go with that knowledge.


I’m not even sure what Roy is going to do with the information. What is he so happy about remembering?

I think a big part of it is the feeling of “finally putting one over on the Oracle,” who (as you recall) had completely annoyed him just seconds before.

My guess is that the Oracle knows that something Haley, Belkar, or Celia said or did when they were in the room will later have a big effect in the future (maybe the fact that Roy knows Belkar invoked the Mark of Justice) but in order to have the desired effect Roy has to think the Oracle doesn’t know he has the knowledge.

It seems arcane but we saw the Oracle 1) is mad at Roy; 2) makes elaborate plots for revenge; 3) makes detailed plans for the future; 4) was aware Roy could hear and see what was going on but didn’t reveal that until after the others left; 5) made a point of telling Roy he’d forget everything; and 6) had an elaborate means to expel Roy that apparently bypassed his spell. When Roy realized he remembered everything, he assumed the Oracle had made a mistake and would never realize it because he would never look into Roy’s future. That seems very unlikely given what we’ve seen about the Oracle. So I think everything was set up to fool Roy just like the town had been set up to hurt Belkar.

Not completely germane to the OP, but…can he just please stop having Belkar hurl? It’s really getting disgusting to read. And this last bunch looks like tar…is it because he’s sick or because of the Mark? Either way…guh…

Having been present at more than one party where someone wound up with alcohol poisoning, I can attest to the fact that after enough puking, what comes up does look like tar.

It’s the Mark.

And how much does anyone want to bet that Roy knows how to remove the Mark? He knew a codeword to activate it after all. Right now Belkar is out of action, but I suspect that at some near future point the group will be in danger, Roy will remove the Mark and Belkar (who the baddie had been ignoring since he was obviously of no danger while constantly puking his guts out) will leap in and save the day.

After reading #576, I have some questions:

Roy is a bone golem now? Is he under the control of GreennWarty?I don’t know much about DnD.

That’s not really Roy. The green guy just used his body as parts for a skeleton “robot.” Roy is still up in floaty cloud land.

I’ve been out of the nuts-n-bolts mainstream of D&D for about 2 1/2 editions now, so I have a question as well. Can the bone goleming be reversed? Or is Reincarnation or a wish Roy’s only hope to actually be re-embodied now? I can pretty much see Roy as a giant badger, actually…

Ah, ok. Thank you.

Good question. I’d have to look at the description of the bone golem to see if they handle this situation, but barring that, I’d assume that, while animated as a golem, Roy’s body can’t be restored to life, but if the golem were destroyed, its parts would revert to a simple corpse, and could be ressurected as normal.

Yeah, it would have to be actual Resurrection at this point, wouldn’t it? Way too long dead for Raise Dead.

My opinion is that I had no idea what any of you were talking about until I noticed and clicked on the link in the OP. Would it have killed you to explain the term “OOTS”?

Well I did provide a link. Sorry if you missed it at first.

I figured most people who wouldn’t know what OOTS was wouldn’t know what The Order of the Stick was either. So they’d have been just as confused. And there’s only so much space in the title line. I wanted to get in the part about Roy and the Oracle so people would know what aspect of the strip I was discussing.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Roy’s Raise By date has expired.

It’s just that in such threads, an explanatory bit like starting the first sentence with “In the online comic strip [or whatever this thing is] ‘The Order of the Stick’, the character [whatever] might have [done whatever]”, just to clue in the outsiders like me. (Because no matter how obvious you might think your title line is, I can almost guarantee that a majority of the rest of the world is completely unfamiliar with it. And that holds true for virtually all threads.)

It doesn’t even look as though his remains being a bone golem would prevent Roy’s resurrection. The SRD notes that someone who has been turned into an undead and then destroyed can be resurrected – but, of course, a bone golem wouldn’t be an undead, it’d be a construct. And although constructs (and undead) can’t be resurrected, they wouldn’t be resurrecting the construct – they’d be rezzing Roy.

So, really, the engolemification has only made Roy’s remains a little easier to transport to the Rez-o-mat. Er, and cost quite some gold… Haley really won’t be pleased.

Did you guys notice the name of the next book? War and XP’s

Another great pun.

I’m thinking there might be something specific in the description of bone golems that addresses using ressurection or raise dead on them. Most golems are pretty magic resistant to begin with, and a golem that can instantly be “destroyed” by being hit with just one spell (particularly a relatively low-level spell like Raise Dead) is not a particularly effective golem.