Order of the Stick: GRRRR...get ON with it!

I still read it (although today was the first time I’ve caught up in several months). I still chuckle. But Roy’s still dead? Good God. New arc time, Rich. Please.

Yeah, I agree - the story has been treading water lately (although I did like the resolution of the Kubota arc). Bring the party back together!

It can’t be much longer now, considering the happenings of the last few episodes.

I hope.

I’m just happy we haven’t had any more halfling chunder in several weeks now. That particular aspect of the Mark of Justice was really disgusting…

I’m just worried about what Xykon and the Linear Guild are doing with all this extra time.

They’ve actually given us some glimpses at what Xykon’s up to in Azure City, along with the growing rift between him and Red Cloak.

I think what Burlew is doing here is establishing that the main six characters have changed significantly during their forced seperation. When they are reunited (which I assume will happen eventually) they will find that things are different. It would have been unrealistic to have the characters grow apart like this in a relatively short thirty strip arc so a much longer period was needed. By the time they get back together, the readers will be used to the characters’ new personalities and the conflict will seem realistic.

I’d just like to see the three updates a week, on average, that he says are coming. He must be saving up a bunch of them to dump on us sometime around Christmas, I hope.

Am I the only one who thinks V is going to get, well…lichy in the near future? His drive is turning into obsession and he’s throwing out what few morals and behavioral restraints he had to begin with (and were enforced by Roy).

And Quar is following her, presumably for some…persuasion.

Yeah, that’s probably going to happen.

I like what he did with Elan, who’s handling the leadership responsibility that was thrust upon him pretty well…certainly better than I expected.

Yeah, Elan is showing signs of competency. Unexpected.

Certainly a better grasp of sarcasm.

Can you level up in the afterlife, or will Roy be way behind when he is finally brought back?

Roy’s grandfather told him he’d have to spend XP to make his new Feat learning stick, so no, you apparently can’t level up in the afterlife.

And V was always supposed to achieve complete and total arcane power by saying the right four words to the right being at the right time for all the wrong reasons. V’s been heading this direction for a long time.

No, I agree, although I believe Haley kept V in line even more than Roy did - there was always a special relationship between the two of them, with Miss Starshine providing him/her with a much-needed human connection. I think it’s Haley’s loss more than anything else that’s pushing V over the edge.

If you guys are into Order of the Stick you might also really get a kick out of Knights of the Dinner Table.

What I’ve been wondering is when the party is going to be converted to 4th Edition, in the way the first strip depicted them being converted to 3.5 (though having never played any version prior to 3.5, I still don’t get the Belkar “weapon shrinkage” thing). I can figure out the other bits, i.e. I can assume that, prior to 3.5, bards didn’t wear armor or perhaps only leather or padded armor, “stability” was a new dwarf racial trait, etc.

I’m going to predict that, once the party is back together, there will be some sort of cataclysmic event surrounding one of these Gates that will destroy the world and instantly bring it back in a 4th Edition configuration.

On the other hand, it would appear that Dungeons & Denizens is not going to convert.

He said he’s not going to convert and that he’s just going to pick and choose rules because at this point it’s more plot-driven and not so much D&D humor based. (It’s on the news page at 5/20)

He said he wasn’t going to update to 4.th edition. Can’t remember if it’s in the FAQ or somewhere else, but it didn’t match his plans.

ETA: What she said.