For whom does the bell toll?

One thing that I’ve been noticing over the last little while is that there are a lot of important people who are getting very old. Me and my brother have a little bet going on and I want to see what you guys think. Two questions:

  1. Who is going to die first?
    (a) Pope JP II
    (b) Fidel Castro
    © Boris Yeltsin
  2. What will they die from?

Personally I see JP croakin it first, then Boris, but my brother is totally convinced that Fidel is at death’s door. And I think that JP will die from falling asleep during a ceremony and falling off the balcony, Fidel from falling asleep while smoking a cigar and setting himself on fire, and Yeltsin from falling asleep while drunk and choking on his own vomit.

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You might be interested in the Celebrity Death Pool 2004.

How can I have missed those threads for so long???

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NO ONE knows but everyone will die!

Only two persons have made it out of this world alive, Enoch & Elijah, if you believe the Bible.

The Sun may not come up tomorrow, the world may be destroyed in some other way, you could have a stroke, heart attack, or be murdered.

Be Prepared!

As Alfred E. Newman said, “What? Me worry?”

As John Donne was heard to say in the Pit: