For your viewing pleasure:

I heard about this web site on NPR this morning. A glorious archieve of ugly bridesmaids dresses and prom dress.

Whew, are they hideous! Don’t miss the teal green Camaro dress. Color selected to match the groom’s car, a Camaro! Lord above.

Check it out!

We’re in luck! Although this site was showcased around here before, it appears they’ve updated it. There are some atrocities in there I didn’t see the first time around. Bravo! Bravo!

This is a great site!!

I was heartbroken after reading the ugly cake story. To live your whole life looking forward to your perfect wedding day and this is your wedding cake. :frowning: The poor woman.



I mean…






Wonder why the slippers were adorned with snowmen instead of tampon angels?

Answers here.

Hey great! It’s like a sister site for Ugly Wedding Dress of the Day! We could pick out quite a blinding wedding party from these. Now what’s the ultimate in tacky in Groomsmen clothing?

What gets me are the copyright notices attached to both “poems”. Who in their right mind would copyright such dreck?


This one leaves me speechless. It looks like the gun turret canopy on a B-25.