Forbidden Randomness of the Unspoiled Mafia

I don’t think one of these has been set up for sachertorte’s Random game yet.

Living players can go jump in a lake.

Dead players and spoiled observers are welcome so long as you keep your spoilers in your pants.

My prediction: There’s a really wacky mechanic no-one will figure out until Day 5. Also, Town (analouge) wins at 3-hand, or with 4 players left. Either way, it’s going to go long.

Other predictions: The town analouge is not the town. In fact, there is no town.

This is Inblorious Gasterds Mark II. By which I mean, everyone is seperated into 2 person groups, and have one kill per group. Only doubled up kills count.

Other predictions: Everyone has really intricate roles, but none of them can do anything because there aren’t other roles to work with. Consequently, it’s an effectively vanilla game.

Meeko is scum (analogue). If/When Cookies subs in, so will she.

Other predictions: All of the name claims so far are truthful, except for one.

Shadowfacts is a player, despite being dead and not showing up on the player list.

Does Sach have a bit of a reputation for crazy setups then Ped?

Chronos pings me a bit with his vote for One and Only, seems more of a “you can’t argue with this” vote than a genuine attempt at scum-hunting.

As an aside, I don’t like Chronos’ pessimism on Day 1 lynches. If town doesn’t do it’s utmost to find scum on Day 1, they will have nothing but crap to look at on Day 2, and that will ripple through the game. Voting scum Day 1 can be very productive, even if it doesn’t result in a lynch, as it forces the scum to take action. That leaves a useful record in the game. Obviously, most Day 1 lynches will result in a dead townie due to the numbers, but town still have a decent chance of finding scum.

I think given that sach said “relatively standard” that we’re looking at a game that’s essentially Town v Scum, not some intricate highly factionalised game.

I’m not sure I see the point of the name claim. Assuming* that the word “Random” wasn’t included in the title by accident, then I’d strongly suspect that sach assigned names randomly to roles. So the only way this is going to help is if scum somehow panic and don’t give up their true names, thinking it’s a trap when it’s not. Even then, I’m not sure that’ll flush anyone out.
*Assuming makes an *ass *of *u *and Ming. And Ming doesn’t like that one bit, Flash.

I was more than a little startled by how quickly it went from “should we name claim” to name claims for everyone who was around.

Granted, I believe that in Random Mafia there is no particular connection between people’s names and roles or names and scum vs. town. And therefore no great advantage to anyone to hide that piece of information, but . . .

Surely Chronos is trying to bluff people into thinking he is a power role. And I predict Meeko is a town power role, specifically a mason, yet again. That’s why he thinks NAF is a power role, and why he made a point to ask if Masons can communicate offboard (in a way that was supposed to be cryptic, but wasn’t).

Be careful, Meeko. If I’m right and I understand you that well, it will not be good for us to be on opposite sides.

If I’m wrong, and you’re a Vanillan Town, then you’re doing a good job, as I predict Scum think you are at least a power role, too. And, if you’re scum, implying you’er a power role isn’t too bad.

In terms of balancing, keeping scum ignorant of their teammates identities on Day One would be a massive advantage for scum. A whole Day where they simply cannot co-ordinate in any way, and thus would leave no trail of any kind, would be a *huge *bonus for them. In fact, if the scum don’t know who they are, there’s a very real case for saying that you’re not actually playing Mafia.

I’m a little surprise Maha suggested it.

Yes, it would be anti-game if the scum didn’t know who each other were, nothing concrete for town to analyse. I’m not a big fan of scum not knowing each other’s roles on Day 1 for the same reason. Scum will tend to protect their power roles, and that’s something town can pick up on.

Peeker implying that he is a power role, and Freudian effectively claiming vanilla, not sure what to make of that.

@BigT - Where is Chronos suggesting he is a power role? I missed that.

There’s an opportunity for a sweepstake here:

How many times will peeker have to suffer a Day One lynch for playstyle before he concedes that, righteous tho’ his principles be, in practical terms it might be beneficial to change up a little?

“An infinite number” is a valid option.

The problem for peeker is he’s kind of screwed either way. Regardless of alignment, if he were to be coherent, now, in the next game or whenever, I think a contingent will be willing to lynch him because he was coherent. Unfortunately, the way we play, 5 people is enough to push a lynch on Day One.

Certainly, if the first time he did it was as scum he’d be stuck. But if he did it as town he might get lynched for it once; after that his accusers wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have a leg to stand on.

Anyhow, something needs to change because he can be effective once he gets going but he just doesn’t get given the space to get into the game.

Some might, but in colourless peeker’s play was a lot more straightforward, and he not only managed to avoid the usual Day 1 train against him, he also managed to get his preferred candidate lynched.

I don’t have a problem with him injecting a bit of personality into the game, but he often overdoes it, and that’s anti-town. Especially in a large game, town don’t have the energy to chase up unclear posts all the time.

Yet they seem to have the energy to argue for hours and days and pages on end about how anti-town it all is. I don’t really get it. The responses to people like Meeko and (especially) peeker are ten times more distracting than their posts are. I do tend to “get” peeker, but it’s not just that.

OAOW, Chronos and Zeriel are where I’d be looking for scum today. Maybe Kelly and texcat as a second tier.

Storyteller and I seem to be on the same wavelength. Given the last game, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

Ed is pinging me a bit as well.

I don’t care what **peeker’s **alignment is this game, but he’s certainly being an asshole here.

Can someone link me to a thread that explains these games? Is there a primer for noobs? I’m intrigued.