Force Transportation

Has any Jedi or Sith manifested a Force ability to self-teleport, like the Dragons of Pern, or Nightcrawler from the X-Men?

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To answer your question: Not that I know of. Jedi have been known to move so quickly they appear to teleport, but I don’t think they actually teleport. I’m not sure you can manipulate the Force to do that. Not even Anikan or Luke were able to do that–even Yoda couldn’t. Or, if any of them could, they chose not to, which leads me to believe that if you could, it would be bad to do so.

No, they can’t do that while alive. Jedi “ghosts” can show up pretty much anywhere but they whole mechanics of that have never been expalined.

I had this crazy theory right after Epi 2. Involving the reason Jedi don’t disappear yet when they die. Lucas has said they haven’t learned how to yet…

Maybe Anakin (let’s just say Anakin) figures out how to teleport by surrendering his physical form to the Force but keeping his consciousness so he can pull himself out of it and reform his body anywhere.

Jedi who disappear… just never reform their bodies.
Obi-wan diappears before Vader strikes him and Yoda hacks a lung and then goes to sleep and disappears.

Hrmm… maybe they’re broadcast through R2D2’s holographic projector (Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.) That little droid can do it all!