Ford vs. Chevy: What's the Deal?

Why is it that [Ford / Chevy] pick-up trucks so often have window stickers depicting a cartoon character urinating on a [Chevy / Ford] logo? More broadly, why is it evidently so important to pick-up owners to claim superiority to other makes of pick-up?

Now, I’m not looking here for an answer of the type “Because [Fords / Chevys] are inherently superior to [Chevys / Fords].” I’m trying to find out why people care so much. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but it’s not exactly a major part of my self-image.

Because Rednecks are morons.


Moderator’s Note: I’d say that the people who adorn their trucks with those stickers are expressing their opinions about the relative merits of the two major American domestic truck manufacturers. And what the people here have to say about the validity or intelligence of so expressing one’s opinion will likely be a bunch of opinions too.

Off to IMHO.

(he said tongue-in-cheek). Why do men put stereos designed to fill large auditoriums in compact cars? Why do women fret so much over shoes? It is my belief that each sex believes these things increase their desirability to the other sex. We are hardwired to compete for the best breeding possibilities. We are always trying to prove our decisions are better, we can be the better provider, etcetera and so forth. If you own a Ford and knock Chevy, you are announcing that you are a better decision-maker (and by extension, a better breeding possibility) because of Ford’s alleged superiority. I believe both men and women engage in this behavior, but women are much more subtle. I don’t believe it is a conscious rationale for these things, but as I said, competition for the best breeding partners is hardwired into us.

It’s a more socially acceptable than arguing over the size of your… um… you know… naughty bits.

Good call Wonko.

Now where am I going to find a bumper-sticker depicting my penis in realistic dimensions?

–==the sax man==–

Actually, wouldn’t it be better to have a short testimonial from a past lover instead? You know, to be like a letter of recomendation. “He is truly the best you will ever have!” :cool:

–==the sax man==–

And if you drive either a Ford or a Chevy and you refrain from putting one of those stickers in your window, you are proving that you are superior breeding possibility than either of the previous mentioned breeding possibilities. :wink:


Woohoo! I’m superior!

As for the question, some people just need one thing to hold on to that will always be good and true, and for many people, it’s there cars.

Does that make sense?

Ford was the first manufacturer to mass produce a V-8. The flathead was made from the early 1930s (late 1920s?) until the 1950s.

Chevy was the first to produce an overhead valve V-8 in the 1950s. More or less, that basic engine design is still being made and is the most common engine used as a performance engine.

Ford built mass produced some high performance designs in the late 1960s (Clevelands, etc.) but dropped out of racing in 1973.

None of this matters today.

Bill Watterston doesn’t protect his Calvin image, so anyone can use it for whatever they want.

This is NOT true. Any images you see of Calvin are copyright infringement, if not against Watterson, then against the Universal Press Syndicate. It’s illegal folks! And I believe that the issue went to court, too.

Earlier thread. I didn’t say it was infringement; I just said Watterson didn’t protect the image.

To respond to the OP.

Why do people care so much?
Because that particular people just spent $15,000 on this decision. Gotta rationalize it.

It’s no different than any other rah-rah mentalilty, whether for truck, school, or country.

So…in the Ford v. Chevy case…

Is it actually true that the F-cars (Camaro and (shudder) Firebird) have finally been cancelled for good? Several press releases seem to say this, but we’ve been fooled by GM before (anyone else remember the “end of the Corvette convertable”?).

And…anyone else see that the 2003 Mustang Cobra will have a SUPERCHARGED 32-valve 4.6 putting out 390 hp/390 ft-lbf of torque, with an incredibly flat torque curve?

If they do, it will be mine.

Yeah the F-bodies are toast…at least for now.

Fords new Cobra had better live up to what Ford claims it can do. Remember the 99 Cobra? 320hp my ass!

True…they really did shaft all the Cobra owners. They deserved a class-action lawsuit for what they did.


Seems to me that he is definately protecting the image. Perhaps you meant he didn’t license the image, thus enabling the mass production of unauthorized likenesses?

So you’re saying that anyone who drive a Chevy or Ford pickup truck is a redneck?

My friend and I made an agreement on this topic. He would put a picture of Calvin pissing on a Chevy logo on his Mustang, I’d put one on my Corvette, and we’d race down the street. Loser has to live with his shame for eternity.