Yeah, well fuck you too, dickhead.

Driving home today after work, a guy in a Suburban passes me. On the rear window of this piece of shit is a decal of a large fist giving everyone behind this dickhead the finger.

He probably can’t figure out why other drivers cut him off and why his neighbors think he’s an asshole. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck. Either way, fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck and every fuckhead that looks like you.

All this over a sticker? Let me see if I have this right. He doesn’t cut you off , but mearly just passes you? And the other drivers proceed to cut him off? Maybe he’s giving everyone the pre-finger because everyone else is an fucking moron. Sounds like everyone else is the asshole.

He is showing disrespect and implied hostility to other road users. Of course people are going to be upset, and that is probably his intention.

It’s rare that we can control the behaviour of other people (much as we’d like to).

The issue here is Chefguy’s reaction to the decal. The anger Chefguy is feeling is caused by the perceived sense of injury to his sense of esteem. The challenge is to overcome the instinctive response and to react counter-intuitively by rising above it all. It’s tough, but it’s the only way to ensure you don’t end up doin’ heaps of headmiles over this sort of stuff.

Precisely, Boo Boo Foo. One counter-tactic is to say to yourself “Consider the source.” I hauled that out today when I had a minor run-in with a jerk. It took some concentration at first to stop the angry mumbling in my head over the incident, but returning again and again to “Consider the source” eventually got me to the wry smile stage.

God damn dumb shit newbee checkin in here and NO you don’t have it right.
Go back and read the OP. He didn’t say that other drivers cut anyone off. the statement was rhetorical. Ready to be cut off now asshole? :wink:

I see that now.

But how do we know if just wasn’t a picture of a hand with a few missing fingers? Either way, it’s nothing to get in a tizzy over.

Yeah CHEF GUY, that driver may have just been telling you that you are no. one!

[Jon Lovitz]

Uh, yeah… that’s it! That’s the ticket!

[/Jon Lovitz]

ChefGuy are you a highly caffeinated person?

It’s just a sticker. It’s a dumb, juvenile joke. Don’t take it personally.

                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |
                 /'\|   |/'\..
             /~\|   |   |   | \
            |   =[@]=   |   |  \
            |   |   |   |   |   \
            | ~   ~   ~   ~ |`   )
            |                   /
             \                 /
              \               /
               \    _____    /
                | (( +==)) |

BOO BOO FOO the term headmiles, I like that. where does that come from?

Could be worse, a lorry driver here in Northern Ireland had words to the effect that “Hitler was right” on the back of his lorry cab. I’m very sorry I didn’t have a pen and paper to hand to take down his number plate and report him.

Why let someone else live rent-free in your own head?

Nah, I don’t take it personally unless it’s in my face, and I don’t react to road idiots unless they endanger my life. My objection to shit like this is the declining civility in our world despite all the “family values” I keep hearing people yammering on about. I can be as uncivil as the next guy when provoked, but unprovoked rudeness just makes me tired. That this person will eventually reproduce (if he hasn’t already) and pass on his assholery to his children depresses me. Calvin pissing on a Ford logo is a joke. A hearty ‘fuck you’ is insulting.

Because I can fuck them over on the water and electric bills.

I see your point, and I agree. The guy was putting himself in a hostile, adversarial relationship with everyone around him, which doesn’t do him or anybody else any good.

Still, by calling him a “piece of shit” over this, without even knowing what his problem is (for all you know, somebody else could have put the sticker there as a joke and he hasn’t even realized it’s there yet), you yourself are contributing to the declining civility in the world.

[basil fawlty]Oh! I see! So it’s MY fault is it? Well, I must be punished then, musn’t I?!. ::spanking self:: You’re a naughty boy![/BF]

Nitpick: If you’ll read carefully, I called his truck a piece of shit. I called him a ‘dickhead’ (and not to his face), which is not even censorable on TV anymore. The decline of civility re: the dickhead interface, started long before I posted this thread.

There was a time, once, where a sticker like that would have been considered a disturbance of the peace nearly anywhere in the country.

Or, issuing fighting words.