" If You're Gonna Ride My Ass... "

" …at least pull my hair!"

What sort of person would put that bumper sticker on their car?


Someone who could probably do the world a favor by getting the hell out of the way.

I’m wondering about the company that would make and sell such a bumper sticker.:dubious:

I think it’s funny. Probably not appropriate for the general public, but funny.

I imagine it’s the same type of company that sells scrotums for hanging on a trailer hitch.

And that’s an excuse for tailgating?

No, those things are an abomination unto the Lord Og.

The person who uses such a bumper sticker knows that he is in the way, has been in the way in the past, expects to currently be in the way, and has a message for other drivers about it. (And should probably just stay the hell out of the way.)

Someone who dislikes tailgaters and has no fucks left to give.

That bumper sticker reminds me of a rearview mirror I saw for Harleys that said “Assholes in mirror are closer than they appear”. Gotta admit, made me chortle.:smiley:

I need a bumper sticker like that, or at least a cleaned up version of it.

Even though I’m trying to stay the hell out of the way by driving (right around the speed limit) in the slow lane, some people insist on riding my bumper, even when they could easily pass me in the fast lane. And even when there’s no traffic in the fast lane. It happens all the time.

So I typically move to the left for them when traffic allows, and then they invariably pass me on my right.

I don’t understand the humor. Seriously, why is it funny? Is pulling someone’s hair while having sex a thing?

It is indeed a thing.

Somebody with a sense of humor better than 99% of the other people with clever bumper stickers. I think it’s funny as hell. My real FAQ is, What kind of a person would put ANY bumper sticker on their car?

Occam’s Sexy Razor says if you wonder whether something is a sex-related thing, it is a sex-related thing. Or maybe that’s Occam’s Rule 34.

True enough. Never occurred to me to do it, though.

Rule 34 says that if it exists, there is an Internet porn site for it.

Try googling anything with “porn” added and see what comes up.


If you can read this, get the fuck off my ass!

You may think I’m slow, but I am in front of you

(No apology)

Where can I buy one? I think it’s great.