Foreign language Dopers--What is your word for "fart"?

I’m not talking about “flatuence” or any cute euphemism. What is your equivelant of “fart”?

In Spanish the verb ‘to fart’ is eruptir.

In Spain the noun is “un pedo.” I think the verb is ususally “tirarse un pedo.” Spanish varies quite a bit from country to country.

But does anyone ever pronounce the D in “pedo” apart from in jest?

In German, Furz, furzen is the verb. Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

In French, it’s pêt (noun) or pêtar (verb). See Le Petomaine.

In Hebrew it’s either *Nod *(pronounced like “node”) or Flotz (pronounced like “floats”).

There’s also the somewhat more cutesy Pups, with the verb being analogously pupsen.

La Petomaine the GUV in Blazing Saddles. Now the inside joke is known everywhere.

In (some parts) of Wales, fart is pumff.

In Cantonese it’s fong pei, meaning literally “thrown wind”.

In Russian the verb is пёрнуть (pyornoot’) “to fart audibly” or бздеть (bzdet’) “to fart silently”. The nouns are пердун (perdoon) and бздун (bzdoon), respectively.
The kiddie version is пукнуть (pooknut’) “to toot” and пук (pook) “a toot”.
Interestingly, an old fart is an old fart - старый пердун (stary perdoon).

Evidently not.

And Brooks knew where he was stealing the name from.

Pet and péter. And Le Pétomane. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: French doesn’t have verbs with infinitive in -ar (unlike Spanish). The first group of verbs are those with infinitive in -er, pronounced /e/.

Yeah, but that’s more children’s talk. A grown up man would never proudly call his successful evaporation a “Pups”. :wink:

Come on, somewhere on the Dope there must be a Latin scholar…

In Chinese its “pee”.

“Fong pee” means “to fart” or “farting”

Spanish accents vary in how they pronoun the letter d. It’s not exactly like the English pronunciation, but I wouldn’t say it’s completely missing in some accents, either. More like a th. I think Andalucia that has an accent that almost completely omits the d sound except at the beginning of words.

In Swedish it’s fjärt or fis. A really loud one is a brakfis.

In some Spanish speaking countries pedo has other meanings as well.

“Ponerse pedo” = get high.
“Que pedo traes?” = “What’s your beef”

We have three ‘classes’ of farts in finnish, categorized by sound.

pieru = your standard fart
tuhnu = silent (deadly optional)
paukku = short and loud, like a pop