Forget "No White after Labour Day" - For me, it's back to wearing a tie

Our office pretty flexible about office casual wear during the summer, but the day after Labour Day brings a return of the tie!

Why do all my shirts feel tight on the neck? Did they all shrink over the summer??


Office custom. It gets hot in Saskatchewan in the summer, di wearing a suit and tie is a bit of a penance.

Plus we’re not dealing with clients very much in the summer slowdown.

Once temps drop in September, the tie says “we’re professionals!”

More like “Northern Tie-Per” amirite?
That’s really common here in Florida too. You’re able to dress down a bit during the summer, but once Labor Day hits it’s back to formality! Mrs. Cups had her first “formal” day today too. Although she had the opposite problem of you. She’s lost a bunch of weight and now her pants are too big.

It’s kinda stupid IMO. What’s the difference between work in July and work in October? I don’t even really like casual Friday’s either.

The tie says “We are slaves to out-dated fashion.”


Up in the mountains of Colorado, it’s always casual. If anything, it’s harder to dress up in the winter with all the snow and crap. And it never really gets hot in summer. In 25 years I’ve never seen anyone wear a tie in my office. Or organization ~ 400 people.

If it was good enough for Louis XIV, it’s good enough for Piper!