Forget X Shot

So there’s a new drug that, depending on the dosage, obliterates completely your memories of an ex-important person in your life at one extreme, to simply removing the negative or painful emotions associated with said X.

Do you taake it? If so, at what dosage?

And yes, I am acutely aware of the similarities to a certain plot of a certain Jim Carrey movie…

Nope. Never. The pain has come and gone. I had to deal with it once and that was hard enough; forgetting it would simply make me vulnerable again to a similar occurrence in the future.

Besides, the good was worth the bad – that one person gave me some of the best AND worst times of my life – and memories and experiences are, IMO, how we grow and become who we are; I wouldn’t trade 'em for anything. Better to have loved and lost, I say.

Would you?

Edit: I should note that I only feel this way years afterward. When it was going on, it hurt so bad I tried to kill myself. So… only in hindsight :slight_smile:

No way. Can’t learn from what you don’t remember.

How can it possibly only target specific memories?

No, I don’t take it.

On further thought, I might take it if, at extremely high dosages, it’d make me forget EVERYONE and EVERYTHING – i.e., total amnesia. It’d be fascinating to start over from a blank slate!

If it only removed the bad memories and not the good, what would prevent you from getting back together with him . . . and then discovering all the reasons why you broke up?

My last breakup, I would definitely have taken it during the first three months of depression afterwards. Now, even though it still hurts to think about it, I realise I have learned some powerful lessons from the way I behaved in the relationship, and I need to hold onto them.

panache45, ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? (That movie proves that shit never works…)