Forgotten Entertainers

Whatever became of Twinkle Watts and Bermuda Schwartz? Did they ever end up changing their names to start their acting careers anew, and if so, what were their new names?

Also, has anyone out there ever seen the movie “The Little Covered Wagon”, which was a western with an all-chimpanzee cast??

Bermuda Schwartz is a member of Weird Al Yankovic’s band - but I assume you’re talking about a different person.

So time back I requested of the SDMB users to help me identify a comic from the 60’s (or so) whose main gig included starting off something like a lecture sticking his finger in the air and exclaiming “Why not!?”

Many (well, not all that many) responded convinced it was Pat Paulsen, which I was almost sure it wasn’t. Over the past few months I ran across this article (or one similar) that identified my missing guy as Dayton Allen.

Anybody seen anything of him since those old Steve Allen days?

“So time” = “Some time”

Apparently not much else was seen of him (at least on TV), but he did a lot of voice work through 1967, a bit more in the early '70’s, then nothing until a film in '84 and another in '87. He was 85 when he died of a stroke last year.

Thanks! Didn’t occur to me to check IMDB!

I was thinking of starting this topic, especially for forgotten comedians. For instance:

Jackie Vernon (“This is my guide leading me around some quicksand.” <click> “This is my guide from the waist up.”)

Dennis Wolfberg
Miyoshi Umeki
Pinky Lee (Pee Wee Herman based his character on Lee (not counting the arrest, of course))
Louis Nye
Bert Williams (One of the great black comedians)
Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy (TV pioneers)
Jerry Colonna (so famous that he was often parodied in Warner Brothers cartoons, but forgotten now)

Good ones. Back in the Carson era when New York was the base and not Burbank, he had some of the “old guard” guys on fairly regularly:

Myron Cohen
Charlie Callas
Shecky Green
Alan King (not quite as forgotten as the others because of films)
Phil Foster

One of my all-time favorites was a Jack Paar regular: Brother Dave Gardner. No telling how many Southern comics owe him a huge debt.

Dennis Wolfberg had a recurring role late in Quantum Leap’s run.

He died a few years back.

Stanley Myron Handleman
Skiles and Henderson
Scoey Mitchell
Corbett Monica

David Frye

Jerry Colonna! I always wondered who that character was supposed to be! New piece of trivia for me to share.

Professor Irwin Corey

Glad to be of service. :slight_smile: “Ah, something new has been added.”

Some more:

Prof. Julius Sumner Miller (aka “Professor Wonderful”): A science popularizer who would ask intriguing science questions and then demonstrate the answer. He has his own show in Australia, but was a regular on The Mickey Mouse Show and on talk shows in the US. He’d often end the segment with a question that made you want to tune in the next time (I’m still looking for the answer to the last one I saw).
Gale Storm – big TV star (“My Little Margie,” “The Gale Storm Show”) of the 50s who retired to raise a family.

One of his bits that blew me away then and is still funny to me now is the one where he had Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden naming the animals. His line was something like:

“The ones with the long necks they named Giraffes; the ones with the short necks they called Ants.”

Jerry Colonna actually did provide the voice of The March Hare in Disney’s alice in Wonderland. Between that, the Warner Brothers cartoons (especially the one with the mustachioed worm) and re-runs of Bob Hope Military tours, he’ll never be forgotten.

At the risk of showing my age:[ul]
[li]Stan Kann[/li][li]London Lee[/li][li]Gisele MacKenzie[/li][/ul]

I remember Gisele, along with Russell Arms, Snooky Lanson and Dorothy Collins, but I’ll need help on those other two.

Stan Kann used to appear on talk shows (esp. Letterman) in the 70’s and 80’s. His schtick was demonstrating various gadgets, always with disastrous results! The last time I saw him was on the Garry Shandling 25th Anniversary Special. London Lee was a pre-Cosby, pre-Pryor black comic who used to appear on the old Merv Griffin show a lot.

If that is revived, I hope they pair it with “Terror of Tinytown” – a Western with an all-midget cast.