fork yard shuler is hot mortrcucle ac aaaaaa

wuwuwuwuwuw there was this guy and i went up to him and said hey who are you and then he turned into a bloadted cow and then he exploded and candy came out and a guy came up and ate a tootsie roll and he said WOOOOOOOOOOOO and ran away
i am the king of th ebritons bow before me hey hey hey hey hey
what if motorcycles had air conditioners and what if there was a radio-coffe mug and my hand got ketchup from the hamburger an sphere from the outside looking of the inside of it…
its funny when guys are cheerleaders
there is a guy i know at roths and his name is kevin and i say hi to him because i know his name because he wears a nametag cause he works there
and i bought a bunch of PLASTIC FORKS from him and forked somebody’s yard and they couldn’t get them out
I’m tired

Yes, indeed…

I remember my first bong-hit like it was only yesterday.:wink:

I’m sorry. So very very sorry.

All your base are belong to us.

This is why I prefer to stick to alcohol. Nobody notices when I post drunk. I think. :wink:

The trick is to never post while sober. That way people won’t notice a difference.

Is the yard done yet? I’m huungry.

Yeah, whens the yard gonna be done? I haven’t eaten a good grilled yard in a long time.