Form a superhero team...of non-superheroes!

Oh yeah! To get more female kickassitude in here, we must add

The wildly wonderfully demented Boltie from Super (as played by Ellen Page)

Lisbeth Salander (as played by Noomi Rapace)


Lisbeth Salander (as played by Rooney Mara)

Matilda too.

The Man with No Name
Ip Man

Can’t believe I forgot these two: Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese from Person of Interest.
Mr. Finch is probably the more important since he’s rich enough to pay for all the stuff these people will need.

Heck, since the OP said “the members have to be characters not typically considered superheroes,” could we have billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne bankroll mild-mannered investigative journalist Clark Kent, who’d ferret out hard-to-find information for their badge-toting muscle – namely, mundane IADC Agent Diana Prince?

The Yuri squad:
Rushuna Tendō from Grenadier for firepower
Orahime from Bleach as medic
Cattelya from Queens Blade as mother figure
Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon: she’s so incredibly cute no one would want to attack her.


The surviving one. The pair of them would have been better, but the OP specifies team-members must be alive.