Pick your modern day League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Title says it all.

A few ground rules:
The character must have been introduced in literature. It’s ok if said character has been represented in other media, but it’s origin must be from a book. Comics do not count.

The character must have been introduced sometime from the mid-nineties to today.

The characters origins must also be set in contemporary times. So no medieval fantasy figures magically transported to 2013.

There’s no cap on the amount of members but I think 10 or less is a reasonable number to shoot for.

My team:
Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Robert Langdon (DaVinci Code)
Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the blah blah blah)
Agent Pendergast (Relic, Cabinet of Curiosities)
Door (Neverwhere)
Ted Braughtigan (Hearts in Atlantis)

Feel free to quibble with my choices if I mistakenly chose something not first introduced in literature.
Also, feel free to add a villain or two.

Well, does Langdon die early, as a sign of earnest sincerity?

God, I hope so.

Lector is a great choice. How about Raylan Givens and Harry Potter?

Lecter is definitely older than the mid-1990’s.

You’re right. Ill switch out Lecter for Dexter Morgan

Bad as the books are, I think having a quick minded symbologist on the team could come in handy.
I debated Potter, but I thought there was a better magical Harry available.

I already see a problem
With my list in that there isn’t a proper combat specialist. Though Pendergast can hold his own, I think there should be a proper spy/martial artist in the group.

I hear you, but seriously: fuck Dan Brown. (Sorry; was that harsh?).

I stand by Raylan as the resident badass.

James Stark aka Sandman Slim would work.

Raylan is quite the bad ass and would make an excellent suggestion to someone’s list, but not working for me. Sandman Slim might work, especially in the tough guy role, but I’m gonna steer away from him too because I’ve already got the supernatural angle covered. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Repairman Jack is an obvious choice. (Technically he first appeared in 1984. But his first real appearance was in 1998.)

Alright, I’m going to add Roland the Gunslinger to my team to round it out. Mine’s done. Anyone else have a list?

Atticus Sullivan and his dog Oberon (The Iron Druid)
Harper Connelly (Charlaine Harris’ “Grave” series)
Myfanwy Thomas (Rook)
Stealth (Peter Cline’s “Ex” series)
Jack Reacher
Griffin O’Connor (Jumper series)

I’d also throw in Jake Sullivan (no relation) but the Grim Noir stories, while recent, are set in the 1930s.

Jack Reacher
Door from Neverwhere (or the Hunter?)
Hermoine from Harry Potter
Harry Dresden
Atticus O’Sullivan from the Iron Druid books

Beat me to some of these while I was looking up ideas!

Never read the Iron Druid series. Worth a look?

I’m a fan of it. It’s certainly not literature for the ages, but it’s quite entertaining. If you’ve a non-scholarly interest in mythology, I think you’ll like it. Some of the ways Hearne works gods, goddesses, and other members of panthea/mythoi (are those the correct pluralizations?) are unusual, but always entertaining. He definitely concentrates on the Celtic side of the house, which I enjoyed because you don’t see a lot of them in the media.

They’re all around 300-350 pages and fairly quick reads, as well as being the kind of book that doesn’t require a huge amount of effort to get through. If you can get a copy of the first book “Hounded,” you should be able to gauge your interest in the series, as the themes/motifs are similar, though the largest plot arc of the books doesn’t really kick off until the 2nd or 3rd one in.

Another vote for Jack Reacher.
Yet another for Harry Dresden.

Tough not being able to pick film/TV heroes… hm.

Katniss Everdeen
Ding Chavez
Severus Snape

…gah, wish I read more recent books. REALLY wish I could put Walter Bishop in there…

Very much so.

The problem with opening it up to movie/tv/comics is that it’s too easy for your team to be obscenely overpowered. Plus, it keeps in the tradition of Moore’s original graphic novel. Unless I’m mistaken, all characters in the original were just literary characters. One could argue that we should evolve as the entertainment mediums diversify. I prefer our lists to be literary.

Enoch Root(Cryptonomicon)
Hagbard Celine(Illuminatus)
Crowley and Aziriphale(Good Omens)
Harry D’Amour(The Last Illusion, others)
Slippery Jim DiGriz(The Stainless Steel Rat)