Formal Request Email

I run a site which supplies a particular product and would like to contact other websites for the purpose of submitting a demo for them to review. How should a formal/business letter type email look? Who do I address it to? And how do I conclude it? Thanks!


Heh, I didn’t realize this question was unanswerable =P

I would do it exactly the same as I would a regular professional business letter- use the business letter template in Microsoft Word or look up the format with Google, that’s all.

I would address it “to whom it may concern” or I’d find out the website owners name and use that. I’d conclude it with “Sincerely, Zette”

But what it his name’s not Zette?

The best thing is that it be personal, not mass-mailed. Nothing turns someone off faster than spam, or unsolicited bulk email (commercial or not, but most is commercial). Don’t go down that road: People are getting sicker and sicker of spam-filled mailboxes.