Former Mormons/LDS: what religion now?

I was perusing this post discussing the Mormon religion …

…and I was curious: for people who have left the Mormon church, what are your current religious beliefs? Did you find yourself in a Christian church/sect, in another religion entirely, or an agnostic/atheist? I’d be interested to hear what kinds of spiritual paths people have taken in their post-Mormon lives.
Disclaimer: AkashJ is practicing (but disturbingly liberal) LDS but is not being hostile and does not want this thread to move to Great Debates!
Postscript: Posts anyone who’s made a big religious change from the religion they were born in might also be on-topic…

I consider myself a survivor of Mormonism, now reformed and reprogrammed…

I’m also now a Pagan.

Born-again Pagan… or possibly hedonism without the ganga-mon. Think they’ve excommunicated me from the Mormon church yet??

Sort of humanist-atheist-- nothing organized, and I appreciate others’ beliefs, but I’m just not finding anything I can accept as an overweening universal and objective truth, so I’m happily wallowing in subjectivity. “Atheist” here doesn’t imply “anti-theology,” just “non- theology”-- an Occam’s Razor approach.

Wow, and I thought that I was going to be a rare poster posting about my priestess going from being born into mormanism to Pagan.
The switch was mad since the mormans wouldn’t let her become a priestess.
That is the major thing she disagrees with them on.