Former prosecuter of mobsters and terrorists to head SEC

How appropriate. A little late, but hey, let’s get some CSI techs in here to photograph the dismembered portfolios and see if we can’t track down the killers. :rolleyes:


Rudy Guiliani (ex-Mayor of NYC, for those who don’t know) made his career as a prosecutor of the Mafia.

It is often remarked that his father was a Mafioso (which is true), and Guiliani’s earnestness in that area was a result.

What’s with the rolleyes? The Wall Street types always portray themselves as tough and intimidating types to cross. You’re saying they’re not?

So you find it surprising that someone with a career in pursuing criminals has been put in charge of an enforcement agency? Can you explain why?

If you read some of the articles, the general feeling is that this should have been done 4 years ago. IOW, it is simply beyond the pale that no one was ever held accountable for the financial collapse. Maybe that was because there was so much blame to go around. Or maybe, like in the case of HSBC, many of the players were just ‘too big to prosecute.’ IDK.

What I do know is that this hopefully sends a signal to the banksters and that signal is something other than ‘carry on.’

It didn’t even dawn on me at first that it might be about that SEC. I was sure this was football related.