Former Van Halen singers tour together - Without Van Halen!

Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth tour kicks off May 29 in Cleveland!

'nuff said?

They should be in NYC mid July.

I can’t wait.

I don’t think I’ll go, but it may be quite amusing, consdiering both of their total lack of ego…

Re: egos: I’ve heard that they have agreed to flip a coin before each concert to determine who plays first.

Sir Rhosis

they did. Roth won the toss, and elected to receive. I mean close the first show. After that, they alternate each show.

Vanilla, they start in Cleveland on the 29th.

I hear the Van Halen roadies are going on tour without Van Halen. For 20 bucks you can watch them set up and tear down a real Van Halen show.

For $15 I’ll play air guitar for the entire VH Greatest Hits album.

Joe_Cool: I’ll go if the opening act is Vanilla Ice!:smiley:

First thing ~ props to Eddie Van Halen, creator of the “Brown Sound” , without whom there would be no Van Halen.

That said, I think it is a great idea to get these two guys together. It would even br funnier to get that guy from Extreme too. I like Sammy and I liked David’s stuff, back in the day. Should be a good show overall.


I think it’s a nice piece of poetic justice. Yes the brothers Van Halen are both great musicians, but I think it’s telling that they’ve run through three frontmen, and said the same “he’s too hard to work with. He has a bad attitude. etc, etc” line about each of them. Sounds like they’re the ones that are hard to work with.

So now, they’re without a frontman, and they can’t tour without one…And meanwhile their two biggest frontmen are on tour, doing their old Van Halen material.

I was laughing out loud, almost to tears yesterday listening to the two of them spar verbally with each other on the Howard Stern show. At one point, Howard said to Sammy (who was on the phone. David was in the studio) “So you think your incarnation of Van Halen was the best?”

Sammy said “of course. and I’m sure David is going to go on and try to prove that his version was the best.”

David cut in and said “No, Sammy, I’m not saying my Van Halen was better than yours…I’m just saying that I’m better than You!”

It sounds like it’s not only going to be a great show, with both of them trying to outdo each other, but it should be fun too with the interaction between the two huge egos.

I’m going, even if I have to borrow the money.

Well said Joe_Cool


He invented the brown sound? The note 92 cents below low e-flat that makes you crap your pants? Woo hoo! It really does exist! :smiley:

Actually, the reason Van Halen isn’t touring has nothing to do with their inability to find a front man.

The real reason they aren’t touring is because Eddie is undergoing a fight for his life against cancer. And I think he’s losing.

Let us not forget that Eddie Van Halen has been battling cancer.

I would be very surprised if this tour even makes it to through the second half. I hope it does though, so I can rock out at Shoreline…

I’ll be at the Detroit show on May 31, and I can’t wait!

I’ve heard that VH bassist Michael Anthony will be touring with them as well. Can anyone confirm? If that’s true, that would provide concert-goers with the original VH harmonies.

And that would kick ass.

They actually touched on the cancer thing on the show. Apparently, as far as Sammy, Dave, and Howard are concerned, there is some doubt as to whether it’s as big a deal as he lets on (or maybe whether he actually has it. I was trying to negotiate shitty traffic at the time, and didn’t hear all the details). At any rate, I think if those particular three guys have doubts about the severity of the cancer, then maybe there’s a legit reason to doubt.

And I know Sammy said he was going to invite Michael Anthony onto the tour, but since he already has a bass player, who knows. I think that would make it even that much cooler, to be honest.

And the tour is called “Sans Halen.”

They will be here June 1, the day after my birthday. A present to myself perhaps.

what a train wreck this is destined to become! if they add axl rose to the lineup, the un-holy trinity of ego-mania would be complete :smiley:

“Sans Halen” – now THAT is funny!

my $.02- alex van halen in the worst rock drummer in the world. he has about 40 drums and 25 cymbals and only manages to use about 3 the entire show.