Formula 1 Thread

Did anyone hear why Bottas didn’t come in for a fresh set of tires at the end to try for the fastest lap point? The commentators expected it, as did I, since he had a 52-second gap to the 5th place car, but he never came in. Peeved that the team didn’t listen to him when he asked for a second pit stop halfway through the second stint?

Watching the pre race yap. Martin was talking about the trophies. The winners trophy must be so tall and weigh x much. Then he says “and of course second and third place have to be smaller to remind you that you lost.” I literally laughed out loud.

Anyway, thankfully that toxic green shit is off of the Ferraris this weekend for some reason.

Mission Winnow is tainted by Phillip Morris, and thus is taken off in countries where tobacco sponsorship is not allowed. Or something like that.

Best part was his next line : “As someone who has ten second and third place podiums, I can tell you how much that hurts”

I’m catching a strong vibe that this is gonna be about the last season for Bottas at a top team. He just seems… disgruntled. But I don’t follow anything that happens between race weekends. I don’t know what’s goin’ on with the team.

Mercedes confirmed that they expected a 5-second penalty for Perez for exceeding track limits during the overtake on Bottas. They gambled and lost that bet (double, as Bottas didn’t even manage to stay within the necessary 5-second gap).

I like the look of the Paul-Ricard track. A bit like from a computer game, which is nothing bad in my opinion. In addition, this year, they even had a decent race in France - other than the first race in Austria which was a bore-fest (although I also love the look and atmosphere of that track). Let’s hope for the second installment this weekend.

Though it did feel a bit strange that it was a bore-fest because the Red Bull was dramatically outpacing the Merc in front. Made it feel almost more acceptable.

I predict a repeat. Only thing different is tire compounds, but they be the same for everybody. Maybe the top few places will be jumbled, but more of the same. I never did take a shine to that track.

Rain would be fun.

Second race in Austria. What was up with that? You get a penalty, you get a penalty, you get a penalty. And Pérez, because we love you, you get two penalties!

Sprint “Qualifying” in Silverstone. I watched it and hated it. Real Qualifying is often my favourite part of an F1 weekend, the one Friday felt somehow less exciting.

For me, the race started on Saturday, is currently red-flagged and will restart on Sunday afternoon.

But I fear, that format is here to stay.

While I agree, qualifying is often the best part of the weekend, and I don’t really see the point it the sprint, I gotta say I didn’t mind the actual race. Plus, qualy on Friday makes Friday more exciting, even though it matters less.

I’m not sold on the format yet though. But I haven’t dismissed it yet either.

Great job on Louis taking Max out.

I would have been fine if they had taken out each other. But Hamilton kept racing and even managed to eke out a win. :-1:

:+1: to Charles LeClerc.

Once he gets 100 wins and 100 poles, then I’ll stop caring about lewis. But while I agreed he was at fault at the beginning, the recovery drive was fantastic.

The “penalty” was properly calibrated to get the required result.

It does seem that way, doesn’t it?

Well, that sucked snake eggs.

However, as much as I am ‘not a fan’ of Hamilton, I’m not sure I agree with that penalty. They were both going at it hard. seemed like a racing incident to me. Too bad his suspension didn’t get busted, and both go out. Oh well, more Status Quo.

Hear that rumbling? Enzo rolling in his grave.

Well, Bottas got his job done.

I tuned in with about 20 laps left; Hamilton was in fifth, and Verstappen was way back. What the hell happened?

Rain at the start. Pile up at the first corner. Bottas managed to take out both Red Bulls.