Fortean Times

I have read a few posts regarding fantasy novels, and started wondering if anyone on the site reads Fortean Times. Not necessarily fantasy, but some similar motifs. It is a magazine that I pick up every issue and read cover to cover.

anyone else a fan of fort?

Get every issue put aside at my local newsstand, along with another Brit mag, BIZZARE. Fortean Times is great because of its tongue-in-cheek reportage, and how can you not like “Strange Deaths”?

BIZZARE is more downmarket and glossy, and more overtly concerned with sex.

Both great mags to read in public and get weird looks from other people.

I’ve picked up two issues of BIZARRE, and its title is appropriate. I like to have reading material for the gang, when they hang out at my place. Most of the guys didn’t appreciate the photo spread in Bizarre dedicated to human castration. I still keep a copy in the bathroom, though.

I used to subscribe to it for a while, and I still read it now and again – I only dropped it because I was getting to the point where I had just too much stuff to read. It’s great.