Fortune Cookie Interpretation?

After a wonderful sushi meal last night, I read my fortune. Totally WTF.

My gf’s interpretation is: “Don’t shit where you eat”.

I know nothing about tiger biology, nor mountain living. I also wonder about "live in the mountain.


(as an aside, the restaurant has the most amazing sushi special. A boat for two, including soup and salad, all for $55!!!)

I took it to mean something to the effect of “Think twice before showing mercy; it can come back to bite you on the ass.”

A somewhat odd message though.

^But I thought tigers lived in forests? Why the mountain reference?

Apparently it’s a Chinese Proverb

I think it is a warning to not make things worse for yourself. Kind of like saying don’t stick your foot in your mouth.

Since when do sushi restaurants have fortune cookies?

Well, it is a Chinese restaurant with a sushi bar. Pretty common around here.

Ah, OK. Not very common around me.

Yep, I’ve been to true sushi restaurants when traveling, but in rural western Pennsylvania you take what you can get.:smiley: