Unfortunate cookie

What does it mean when you open your fortune cookie and there’s no fortune there?

It means either:

A) you don’t exist, or
B) you ate the fortune slip.

I did the latter. Mom thought it was hilarious.

Did I mention I was 14? And had no idea what a fortune cookie was or its sole purpose in life?

Huh. Another one of these threads with a blank OP. I thought we’d fixed that bug.

That happened to my sister once and I was convinced it meant she’d be stricken with lightning as soon as we exited the restaurant. Small leap from having no fortune to having no future, see?

We were 13 and 15 then, twenty years ago and she’s still with us so I think it means there was a simple production error. :wink:

It indicates a lapse in quality control at the cookie factory.

I saw one the other day where the fortune was actually folded up and stuffed in the the side of the cookie. I guess they forgot to put it in on the line, so what the hell, let’s just stuff it on the side of the cookie.

I look at it as good luck. It’s not rare for people to have bad luck, but extremely rare for people to have exceptionally good luck. I think it’s the Chinese take out equivalent of winning the lottery. :slight_smile:

It means you’ll just have to decide your future for yourself.

It actually means you have no future. Sorry about that.

Hmmm. Let’s take this a step farther and say there were TWO fortunes in the cookie (hey, eggs can have two yolks, right). Does that mean that:

A) you have an important choice to make between the two possible fates,
B) you are leading a secret double life and it has finally come to light,
C) you have been bestowed with the elusive “Double Happiness”,
D) you have muliple personalities and Fate has seen fit to accomodate all of you,
E) somewhere in the world, some poor sap got ripped out of a fortune/“Lucky Lottery Numbers” strip, while someone at the factory is gonna get canned for lack of quality control?

F) The universe branches into two distinct timelines, in each of which one of the fortunes is true.

Maybe it means I will MAKE my own fortune? :slight_smile:

Nope. If there is no official fortune/“Lucky Lottery Numbers” paper inside the cookie, then you cannot make your own fortune (no fair using any “unofficial” paper). You have naught but an empty, crunchy shell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have another cookie. Mebbe you’ll get the one with two fortunes.

And then there’s always the dilemma of having a fortune, but the cookie has been broken before you opened it. Now what in the world might that mean? Perhaps you had a good fortune, but now it has escaped through the broken cookie, never to come to fruition?

…in bed

It means:
A) you are a klutz, or
B) the server at the restaurant is a klutz, or
C) you are rich enough to hire someone to open your fortune cookies for you.
Heck, I’d start my own company called Fortune Cookie 500?

(Good one, friedo!)

I went with my sister and friend to a Chinese restaurant for my birthday one year.
At the end of the meal, I started the trash talking… “It’s going to be winning the lottery or something great because it’s my birthday! It has to be really good one! etc.”
Of course it was empty.
I did get another one for free after we explained to the waitress why we were laughing so hard.

[slight hijack]

One time a bunch of us in grad school were eating chinese. Well, the meal was over, and I said to the lady, “bring us the funny fortune cookies.”

Well, keep in mind that I had no idea such a thing existed. I don’t even know why I said it.

She says, “you sure?”

So now, I’m like, “Sure I’m sure. Bring 'em.”

Well, let me tell you, these were funny. They weren’t even funny jokes. . .they just said things like “Go fuck yourself” and “You’re an asshole” with a few “Fuck You”'s thrown in for good measure.

Seven days.

In bed? :smiley: