Unfortunate cookie

Hanh? Did I miss a memo or something?

Hm. Reminds me of the time when I got the fortune slip that said

“Financial hardship in your life is coming to an end. Enjoy!”

But for some reason, it was misprinted and smudged, and it read

"-–_-*l - __ your life is coming to an end. Enjoy!

It’s better than the one I got last time I went to eat chinese.

“You are doomed to be happy in wedlock”

Okay, now what’s going on with that? Doomed to be happy? In Wedlock? Something isn’t adding up. I still have it taped to my door.

It’s Zen.

I believe “doomed” means “fated.”

Yeah, if you have time before your imminent death… :stuck_out_tongue:

Several times I’ve gotten cookies with two fortunes.

I think it means that someone from the future time traveled to their past and have screwed up my future.
I hate those bastards from the future. I really do.

I’ve gotten a fortune in a fortune cookie that said…
…absolutely nothing. There were a few light ink smears that show where it went through the printer, but no words. No lucky lotto numbers. No Chinese word of the day. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

:confused: So does that mean my future is a blank slate?

<< Stop procrastinating. Starting tomorrow. >>

“Reply hazy, try again.”

I call getting two fortunes forTWOitous