Fortune cookies: delightful treat or throwaway item?

Sometimes I’ll eat them, but most of the time I just throw 'em away.

What do you do with them?

I crack it open, read the ‘fortune’, rejoice if it actually turns out to be a fortune and not just a proverb or witty saying, and then I eat the cookie.

Eat them. At some point when I was younger, it was considered a truism that the fortune won’t count unless you eat the cookie.

Although given that my last fortune was, “Catch on fire with excitement and people will come from miles around to watch you burn” I’m not sure I should have eaten the cookie.

I don’t like the cookies. It’s one of the very few foods I don’t like.

I always eat the cookie. It might be a bit much to call it a “delightful treat” but it has a nice sweetness without being overpowering that seems like a good way to end a meal.

I read the fortune out loud, adding “in bed” to the end. Then I’ll eat a bite of it, but usually no more because they always seem to be stale.

I don’t get why people don’t like them - I think they are delicious. I secretly like going to Chinese restaurants with people that don’t like fortune cookies - as I will always eat them. Probably not much of a secret actually.


Read but don’t eat and voted as such, would have liked to see the option above for ‘eat but don’t read’.

I have found that dunking the cookie in the standard tea they serve makes it actually much much better.

They’re not great cookies, but I usually eat them.

I like to eat the cookie before I read the fortune and the way I eat the cookie is by breaking it in half by squeezing the tips together. I eat one half, then the other, then read the fortune. Unless I’m with other people who are all reading their fortunes first. Since I don’t want to explain my silly little tradition, I just go with the flow but it never seems quite right.

The big complaint I have with our favorite Chinese restaurant is that their fortune cookies are pretty blah and the fortunes are very generic. The cookie texture is not rock hard like some brands but not melt-in-your-mouth tender like the best ones are. It’s a big bonus if they have a nice almond flavor to them.

At our favorite place Pop’s best friend would always tell the waitress, “Good fortune; good tip. Bad fortune; no tip.” One day, after he had mentioned the fortune wasn’t good, she came back with a big handful of fortune cookies for him.

Recite the fortune and then add “…during sex” at the end. :wink:

I don’t eat them but much like the maligned fruit cake, you can make a fortune cookie that is edible. But why bother eh?

Definitely! This is more fun at a group dinner.

Me, I eat 'em. They’re yummy.

Once, for a Friday the Thirteenth party, a fellow made up a whole bunch of “misfortune cookies.” “You will die in poverty.” “You will contract a wasting disease.” “You will be in an accident.” And my favorite: “You should not have eaten this cookie.”

Love 'em, as long as they’re not too stale (or conversely, as hard as poker chips).

I give them away to have that person read my fortune to me and tell now it won’t count. A bit too much like cardboard for my tastes.

I shove the whole damn deliciousness in my mouth, chew and swallow—Fortune and all.


I briefly worked next to a fortune cookie factory. It smelled amazing.

I like them. Nice, and not too sweet.

We should go out for Chinese together. :wink: I don’t like fortune cookies, but I enjoy the fortunes. So I open mine and then offer it around the table, hoping someone will take it, as it seems wasteful and a little messy to just leave it there.

When I go out for Chinese in a group, we just read the fortune aloud, and everyone silently adds “between the sheets” (or equivalent) and giggles.

I eat them. I don’t particularly enjoy them. They’re nothing to write home about, but they are cookies.