Forum content appearing differently

Actually, MPSIMS is the outlier. Other forums fit snugly on my screen, with all info nicely displayed. MPSIMS extends so far to the right that I can’t see “Last Post” info at all.

I’m running Netscape 4.75 on W95.

All suggestions are welcome.

Does this happen consistently? does it only happen when one of the columns contains a long string with no spaces?

I have not seen this behaviour with IE 5.0 on Windows 2000, IE 5.5 on Windows 98, Netscape 6.2 on MacOS 9.0

Yes, it does happen consistently and no, it doesn’t seem to require a long string w/o spaces.

Of course, I only looked at page 1.

After a little more examination this AM I see the ‘stolen’ spaces come exclusively from the title panel.

Just to see if anyone else is experiencing this non-documented feature I’ll post what I’m seeing.

From GQ:

Getting Our Server


Do (or Did) Some
Fraternities Initiate
Pledges by Paddling


ANOUNCEMENT: Getting Our Server


And to think this man had his
finger on the nuclear trigger...

jcgmoi - if your last post was supposed to give me a visual aperçu of what appears on your monitor, I have to admit that my feeble brain cannot grasp the concept.
Do you have a webpage somewhere where you could post screen shots for us to see? Or you could e-mail screen shots to me.

I don’t have access to a similar platform as yours, and I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem.

Arnold: Prompt attention to my question and an ‘aperçu’ to boot. You’ve made my day.

Sorry my attempt to illustrate what I’m seeing failed. I’ll try again:

In MPSIMS the thread title panel is X units wide; on all others (well, I don’t frequent IMHO) the ttp is Y units wide, Y<X. The end result in MPSIMS is to push time and identity of the last post/er off the screen. The info is displayed, I just have to scroll over to see it.

I was hoping others shared this problem. If I’m solo here, it definitely is not a very big deal and I would not want you to spend time on it that might better go elsewhere.

I don’t have a webpage but I will email you some snaps. Thanks.

Arnold: I was preparing those screen snaps I promised you when it occurred to me to see how IE handled the situation. Every forum displayed identically, and correctly.

I toggled to Netscape. MPSIMS, for the first time since the upgrade, displayed just as the other forums.

I closed both windows, restarted Netscape, and MPSIMS was back to its expansive ways.

I give up. I’ll either soldier on with Netscape or play around more with Exploder.

Maybe I’ll live long enough to get an stable, tunable browser with diagnostics included.

Thanks again for your response.

It’s a plot by your browsers to drive you crazy. You could always try Netscape 6.2. Or if you don’t like IE there’s Opera.