MPSIMS wider than other fora?

Recently, when I go to MPSIMS, not all of it fits on my screen - the names of the most recent posters, on the right, get cut off and I have to scroll right to see them.

But this only happens with MPSIMS - on all the other fora, the entire thing fits on the screen, and no scrolling is required. (And I’m not changing the size of my window.)

Anyone else noticed this? if so, what’s up?

It’s because this thread, Rrrrrrr…rrriiiiiirrrng,beeeeeeeeoooown…my shitty air guitar, has no spaces in it until after the “y” in “my”. Therefore, there is no place to wrap the line until that point.

The 'Last Post column and the ‘Thread Starter’ column don’t allow a word wrap, so there is no way to get it all to fit.


I see - so we have to hope it dies a quick death, so MPSIMS gets back to normal.


I put a few spaces in the thread, hope it helps. I’ve messed with my screen resolution, so it’s still one line for me. Let me know if I need to fiddle with it some more. Or contact one of the MPSIMS mods.