Forum Depth and Number of Posts

My preferences are set to “Last 5 Days.”

I go to the Pit, I see it’s two pages. So is GD.

MPSIMS and GQ are each six pages.

IMHO, IIRC, is four.

Are the busiest fora also the longest? I’ve always thought of the Pit as a busy place, but it’s only a third as long as MPSIMS and GQ. Was my perception inaccurate, or does the Pit just have people posting to fewer threads?

Same with GD?

Does anyone pay attention to such things?

All fora, in your case, will display threads that were posted to in the last 5 days. It would indeed appear that this implies two pages worth of threads in the Pit, and 6 pages in MPSIMS. Perhaps “Woo! I just bought new shoe polish!” just doesn’t get people worked up like “Arnold Winkelried is a Nazi Bastard” does.
Not that I’m saying either one of those threads would actually EXIST, of course.