Forum jump pulldown

Is there a way to have the forum jump pulldown box embedded in the header?

Thanks, if possible, thanks for the upgrade either way!

It’s in the “hamburger” (three lines next to your avatar at the top). Does that solve the issue?

Yes, I hadn’t seen that yet. Are the forums on that list editable? Where it says “categories (6 more)”, can we change which are displayed there, or is that a default?

When I’m on the main page using the SDMB Light theme, there is a box to the top left that reads “all categories”. It’s a Drop down menu and each forum is listed.

I think the OP is asking for that box to be made available ubiquitously.

What do you mean? When I click on a specific forum it’s available there too, not just the main page. Do you mean on every theme?

It’s not available on this page for instance. You have to be on a forum’s main page to use it. I too would find it useful, I rarely go back the main page of the forum I’m browsing if I want to view a different forum.

The only shortcut is from the three horizontal lines icon next to my avatar in the top right but that only lists some of the fora.

(I’m going to assume that fora is the plural of forum :+1:)

That’s exactly what I’m asking for. In the hamburger menu (hah) there are 8 of 14 fora available, where the pulldown has all of them.

While I don’t see the drop down menu I’m speaking about (not on the hamburger menu but to the top left) when I’m looking at a thread, I do see it on the main page and each forum page. So that’s pretty convenient, even if you can do it from within a thread.

I’m using the SDMB Light.

The hamburger menu shows those 8 forii (forae? forren? forice?) and the line “Categories (6 more) …” You can click on the line “Categories (6 more) …” to go the the forums page and see all the rest. However, that navigates you away from the page you were on, which kinds defeats the whole idea of having it in drop-down.

Data point: I only have 3 more. Probably because I muted 3 forums.